First SCP fail (Originally a fail SCP-1176)
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Item #: SCP-1176

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1176 is to be kept in a circular room with a floor made of sand a kilometer under the earth wherever necessary. SCP-1176 does not need to be directly monitored but any entrances to the room must be monitored at all times in order to keep anything from stealing SCP-1176. After the incident of D-49321, the tunnel from the containment area to the surface must be at least 400 kilometers to prevent anyone who drinks it to escape to the surface.

Description: SCP-1176 is a goblet approximately 30 centimeters high while the mouth has a circumference of 15 centimeters. The goblet is always filled to the brim with wine. It always fills itself from the bottom. Even when it is put upside down, SCP-1176 continues to fill itself so the flow is constant. When the wine is drunk by any sentient being, the drinker receives the inability to feel pain, strength strong enough to lift 2 tons, and an inability to lose any blood. The consequence of drinking the wine is that the drinker will die after 48 hours by slowly turning into sand 10 minutes before the 48 hour timer ends. The wine only has effect when it is drunk straight from the cup.

It was found in the tomb of General ███ █████ in the small town of [DATA EXPUNGED], Egypt. Hieroglyphics along the walls read that the top soldiers of General ███ █████ were to drink the wine of the goblet the night before a battle to ensure a victory. When the soldiers died after 48 hours, their death was considered honorable.

Addendum: There have only been two tests for SCP-1176. During the first test D-23040 drank from SCP-1176 and rampaged around the containment room for 48 hours before he turned to sand. During the second test 2 D class personnel (49321 and 49340) were used.

Test 1


Test 2

D-49321 is a Caucasian male of average build. D-49321 is to drink from the goblet and is unarmed.
D-49340 is a Hispanic male of average build. D-49340 is armed with a handgun and is geared in a protective suit that is similar to armor.

Dr. █████: Both of you please enter the containment room.

Both D class personnel enter the room

Dr. █████: D-49321, please approach SCP-1176 and drink the wine.

D-49321 drinks the wine and waits for more instructions.

D-49321: Okay, I drank it, now what?

Dr. █████: D-49340, please proceed to shoot D-49321 with the handgun you were provided with.

D-49340, a bit reluctant at first, begins to shoot. Most of the bullets enter D-49321 but he seems unharmed and begins to rush towards his attacker.

D-49321: I’ll tear you pieces!

D-49321 tears D-49340 in half and begins to rush towards the door, attempting an escape.

Dr. █████: All level 1 and above personnel, stop D-49321 from escaping to the surface. He is too dangerous. Shut down the whole facility immediatly

After the incident, security on SCP-1176 was increased to accommodate potential risks of future unauthorized drinking of SCP-1176.

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