First SCP W.I.P

Object class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedure: SCP 1711 is to be housed at Site 97, Located at ██████ on the coast of ██████. SCP 1711 is to be kept in a concrete bunker with walls thick enough to block out any form of mobile signal. SCP 1711 is to be monitored via a live video feed at all times AMENDMENT: Due to previous issues ( see Incident 1711-A video feed is to be monitored without an audio connection.

Description: SCP 1711 is a set of 12 Watt speakers designed by the ██████ company in early 1999. When SCP 1711 is connected to a standard 240 Volt power supply any power supply SCP 1711 begins transmitting signals from an unknown location. It is unknown how SCP 1711 receives these signals as the speakers possess no form of transmission receiver. If personal are exposed to the messages broadcast by SCP 1711 they will slowly form a desire to carry out any instructions given to them by SCP 1711. The member of personal who is exposed to SCP 1711's broadcast are to be reclassified as SCP 1711 - 1. If a member of staff is to believed to of been affected by SCP 1711's broadcast that staff member is to be quarantined immediately and placed into lockdown. SCP 1711's broadcasts have know to be as minor as making a cup of coffee to full scale terrorist attacks ( See Experiment Log 1711-A). Previous attempts to trace SCP 1711's signal have ended in failure, reports from attempted tracing place the broadcast location at a different position each time, it should be noted that these locations do not correlate with any know broadcast stations.

<AMENDMENT> SCP 1711 is to be reclassified from Safe to Euclid class due to the possibility of more catastrophic events being carried out by SCP 1711 - 1. We don’t need another ██████. O-5 is getting pissed at having to blame Al-Qaeda for our fuck ups.

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