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The Grand List of Bad Ideas:

New Ideas

  • Albino Chameleon - A pure white chameleon that alters the world around it to blend in
  • Food Additive - A food additive found in a particular brand of candy that numbs tastebuds and impairs ability to digest anything but foods containing it, the only way to obtain more is from the stomach lining of people who have consumed it over long periods.

Old Ideas

  • Afterimage - An object that 'burns' an image in to the mind mind/retina, so that its seen every time they close their eyes forever after.
  • Bipolar - A person whose two halves are controlled by separately by two distinct 'minds', who hate each other. Alternatively, the two halves of their body exactly mirror each other.
  • Board Game - A board game that, depending on the outcome, influences a larger 'game' being played, using humans as 'pawns'.
  • Imagined Fire - A flame that appears high in a mountain range, that feels and appears real, but does not actually produce any warmth. Tricks people in to freezing to death. Could possibly also be applied to other things, like water or food.
  • Heartbeat - A creature that moves in time with the heartbeat of its prey.
  • Inanimate - A 'mouthpiece' that allows innanimate objects to talk. Situations could be things like a television complaining about how it's owner keeps hitting it, or a pencil screaming when broken in half.
  • Living Plastic - A sheet of plastic that shows characteristics of life when electricity is passed through it. Image
  • Mask - A set of four masks used by a small, Eastern European cult sect as a form of punishment. Each mask corresponds to one of four 'crimes': violence, deception, adultery and theft. When worn by a person, the mask forces the wearer's face to conform to the distorted proportions of the mask irreversibly, a process that is painful but not lethal.
  • Photocopier - Produces grainy black-and white replicas of items without their original function. Movements during copying result in physical distortion of the replica, and although objects are three-dimensional but appear to lack depth. People can be photocopied but are not capable of making sound or contorting their body, and bear expressions of intense pain. First human copy escapes the copying room due to lack of preparedness, by slipping through a paper-thin gap underneath a door. Later, this copy is found in the room, having made hundreds of progressively lower-quality reproductions of itself.
  • Picture Plane - A painting or series of paintings that can be 'climbed' in to, so that the test subject appears to be interacting with the world of the painting, however any vanishing points are locked in place. From the perspective of the test subject they appear to grow larger as they progresses further in to the 'background', but to any onlookers they appear to remain in place. The subject is able to interact with objects on different 'planes'; for example, they are able to talk and interact with people after having travelled a short distance, and are able to pluck the moon out of the sky after having walked for a long distance.
  • Photograph - A blurry photograph to which every test subject has a base fear response conditioned in to them, but the cause is unknown.
  • Puzzle Armour - A suit of armour that cannot be removed until the wearer has fulfilled certain criteria.
  • Singing Blade - A knife that is constantly vibrating on a frequency inaudible to humans. When struck against an object, the pitch raises and a human voice becomes audible. The blade bears the inscription (translated from latin): 'the quietest voice has the longest memory'. Possible property is that the knife is always used to avenge the person who it last killed, in an endless cycle until an avenger uses it on themself.
  • Transfusion - An object that replaces blood with other fluid(s).
  • Tunnel - A pitch black tunnel with perfectly smooth walls that ends in a dead end, but grows a little longer every time someone walks to the end.
  • Veteran - A psychic war-veteran, suffering from dementia, who involuntarily projects their own experiences in to other's mind, and experiences frequent flash backs to the war. Flashbacks occur unpredictably random but frequent intervals, and may be triggered by various stimuli. Events have been catalogued should the same scenario arise again. Any damage sustained during these flashbacks is equivalent to its real world counterpart, but they are not necessarily dangeous. As a survivor, the veteran is never killed during these flashbacks.

*SCP Fuel*



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[[image.png ="200px"]]

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: XXX

Special Containment Procedures:

Stone Pilot

  • Takes control of any vehicle it is placed at the control mechinism for
  • Cannot move a vehicle independently, there must be some method available for locomotion (wind for a sail-ship, fuel for a car etc…)

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[[image.png ="200px"]]
An isolated sample of SCP-840

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is a location-specific phenomenon and cannot be moved. Attempts to secure the hotel in which SCP-XXX is contained from its current owners have been unsuccessful, however floor 18, on which the anomaly occurs, has been sectioned off, using Foundation cover story C-XXXA-1 [REDACTED]. All staff assigned to SCP-XXX are required to read manual C-XXXA and memorise standard enquiry responses, however personnel are to keep interaction with hotel patrons and staff to a minimum while research is being conducted.

Entry to floor 18 is restricted for all non-Foundation personnel, and may only be accessed by means of fire stairs from level 17 or 19. The door leading to floor 18 has been reinforced and secured with magnetic locks to prevent forced entry. Hotel elevators have been modified such that access to floor 18 is no longer possible, and elevator doors have been sealed. Two members of security personnel with light armament and non-lethal suppression equipment are to be present on-site at all times.

Addendum: Researchers on-site are not permitted to stay in uninhabited rooms, either while researching the site or for recreational leave.

Description: SCP-XXX is a spatial phenomenon contained within rooms 860 and 861 of the ██████████ hotel in ██████████, ███████████. The layout of the rooms do not significantly differ from similar rooms in the hotel, each containing standard hotel bedding, as well as a small bathroom and kitchen. The rooms share a common door, which must be unlocked from both sides before it will open. Investigations of all objects and materials present, as well as the architecture and construction of these rooms have shown no observable or significant anomalies. The effects of SCP-XXX will only observed when a subject enters room 860 via the hotel hallway, then exits via the hallway door in 861, passing through the connecting door between the two rooms. If an individual enters room 861 and exits from room 860, or if any other means (such as the window) are used to exit 861 after passing through 860, no effect is observed.

SCP-XXX is a hotel hallway, similar in decor to the rest of the hotel, which by current investigations appears to extend indefinitely. The hallway is initially perfectly straight, lined with identical doors bearing the number 861. However, after a certain amount of distance, the entire hallway begins to twist and curve without any apparent pattern, with doors and fittings distorted in accordance with curves. These doors may be entered, the rooms beyond displaying similar properties to the hallway outside. For example, if a door is entered while the corridor is upside-down, the room will be similarly upside-down, or if the door is entered while the door is distorted by a curve, the room will be similarly distorted. The only major difference between these rooms and 'original' rooms is the lack of door in room 860, and the lack of windows.

When viewing down a straight section of hallway of sufficient length, a figure can be seen standing and the very limits of a viewer's vision. A detailed description of this figure has proved unobtainable, as the figure's distance seems to increase relative to attempts to approach them, although they have never been seen in motion. Telescopic lenses and digital enhancements have also been unable to observe the figure in any detail, as the figure appears to also move relative to the amount an image is magnified or enhanced. Radio signals are capable of being transmitted through SCP-XXX, but are subject to increasing disruption as distance from the room 861 base increases.

This phenomenon was first observed in ████, after the disappearance of ████ ████████, who was staying in the room 860 with their family at the time. Although the body has never been recovered, it is believed that SCP-XXX was involved in their disappearance. The Foundation identified a potential SCP after having intercepted several police reports. The reports were subsequently confiscated, and amnesiacs were administered to the officers involved in the investigation.

Exploration Log I-XXXC

Exploration Report I-XXXC-3:
Date: ██/██/████,
Personnel Present: Agent K. (lead), Agent Q, Agent P., Agent S

Log commences at ████ hours.

Base: Affirmative K., please confirm your team is receiving.
K: Yes, sir.
P: Affirmative.
Q: Yes, sir.
S: Sir.
Base: For the log, please describe what you see.
K: The corridor is straight in both directions, as far as I can see. There's a… figure to our left, almost too far to see, in both directions. I can't see any anomalies in the structure, it looks pretty similar to the rest of the hotel.
Base: Understood. Mark your entrance with the transceiver and proceed to your left. Report anything you consider unusual or suspicious.

Team proceeds for 1 hour and 38 minutes, without consequence.

K: Base, we're getting some unusual structural formations here.
Base: Received, describe what you see for the log.
K: The hallway's twisted slightly, clockwise. It must have been twisting for a while, but it's been barely noticeable up until now. It can't be more than a couple of degrees.
Base: Noted. Proceed as before.

Team proceeds for a further 29 minutes. The hallway continues to twist at an increased rate

K: Base, the hallway is twisting a lot faster now. We're walking on the right wall now. In the distance it looks like the hallway turns far enough for us to walk on the…
S: Fuck!
P: S, wait… Ack… I've got you.
S: Shit, shit, pull me up.

A period of shouting occurs for the next 12 seconds.

Base: What's going on?
K: We're fine, base. S stepped on one of the doorways and nearly fell through.
S: Goddamn. Must be twenty, twenty five feet down there.
Base: Understood, what can you see in the room.
Q: Looks like the original 861, only everything's glued to the wall. The bed sheets aren't even ruffled, it's like there's no gravity in there.
S: Hell yes there's gravity in there.
Q: There's no window that I can see either, in the original 861 there was a window opposite the bed.
Base: Keep exploring team. And be careful, we can't assume the structure of this place is stable.
S: Goddamn.

Team continues down the hallway in the same direction for another 1 hour, 19 minutes. Reports further distortion of the hallway, transitioning from walking on the right wall, to the ceiling, left wall and floor once again. Team also reports changes in the inclination of the hallway, increasing in frequency and pitch as they progress further from the entrance point. During this period, radio transmissions begin to encounter limited interference and static. Communication is mostly unhindered, however transmissions communications are lost for two short periods during this time, one lasting approximately 8 seconds and the other 16 seconds.

K: Come in base.
Base: We're reading you K.
K: We've got a new formation here. The hallway here curves down sharply, looks like it's a sheer drop.
Base: How far is it to the bottom?
K: Couldn't say, sir, none of us can get close enough to the edge.
S: We have rope, I say we see how far this rabbit hole goes.
K: Base, requesting permission to proceed.
Base: Permission granted, proceed with caution.

Team proceeds to attach ropes to nearby door frames. S, as the most experienced climber of the team, is elected to descend first.

P: Ropes are secure.
K: We're ready to proceed, base.
S: Let's do this.

S begins their descent, with assistance from team members.

S: Hoo boy, it's a bit of a drop, but we've got plenty of rope.
Q: Keep it slow, we've got you.
S: Heck, I climbed a hell of a lot worse in █████████████████████.

2 minutes after the descent begins, a faint scraping sound is heard, increasing in volume rapidly.

Q: Do you feel that?
S: What was that?
Q: Shit, it's getting closer.
K: Everyone move away from the edge.
S: What the hell is going on?!

Scraping increases to a high-pitched screech. Cracking wood and scraping metal is heard.

K: Move! Everyone MOVE!
P: The whole thing is moving!
K: Get away from the edge!
Q: It's getting closer!
Q: We lost P!
**Q: Oh god oh god oh god oh god…

Noise suddenly ceases, K and Q are heard panting.

Base: Team, what's you're status? Team?!
K: I'm alright sir…
Q: Can't stop, we've gotta keep moving.
K: …Q's here with me, but we lost S, and I think P fell.
Q: I saw him fall, he's down there. We've gotta move.
Base: What happened?
K: The whole hallway moved, sir, the edge started… rolling towards us. There wasn't anything we could do about S.
Base: Is it possible to reach them?
K: Negative sir, Q's lost her backpack, and we lost almost all our rope. We can't reach them, and who knows how far down they are now. Requesting instruction.

A loud screeching sound is heard over S and P's frequencies, however nothing is heard over K and Q's radios.

Q: We have to move.
Base: Affirmative, return to base immediately.

K and Q proceed in the direction of base rapidly for two hours. S and P's radio transmissions fall silent, however the level of static over K and Q's frequencies increases.

K: Base, we're no…king up the transciev…
Base: Repeat, K?
K: There's no signal from the transciever, sir.
Base: Are you getting close to the door?
K: …ure. The layout seems to have changed, we never pas..oof.
Q: Ho… tell them apart, they all loo…
Base: Understood, we'll have a party waiting for you, stay alert.
Q: …igure's gon…

A security team is posted outside of the door to the room 861 base. Radio transmitter is confirmed to be in place and transmitting. Radio contact to K and Q is frequently interrupted for minutes at a time. At ████ hours, a period of silence lasting 45 minutes begins before contact is restabilised for the final time.

Base: Team, come in. What's you're status.
K: We…an't…wards the base…
Base: K, Repeat! Do you read us?

Transmission lost at ████ hours.

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Item #: SCP-918 (ABANDONED)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-918-1 and SCP-918-2 are to be accommodated on-site in adjacent, identical rooms, divided by a removable partition for testing purposes. Rooms are to be 5m x 3m size, and contain minimal furnishing, limited to bed and hygiene purposes, to be bolted in place to prevent any inconsistencies with the adjacent room. Other objects are permitted inside the containment chambers at the discretion of SCP-918 overseers, or by approved requests from SCP-918-1, but these must not be allowed to remain in the chamber while SCP-918 is/are sleeping as they may pose potential hazards.

Chamber doors are to remain locked unless in use and chambers are to be guarded by one member of security, in case of escape attempts, minimally armed with non-lethal weaponry. Although SCP-918 poses a nominal risk to Foundation staff, the event of SCP-918 escaping would run the risk of significant self-harm.

Addendum: Containment procedures have changed following Incident 918-I-3. SCP-918-2 is now to be contained within its own cell, also furnished with basic sleeping and hygiene facilities. SCP-918-2 is to be fed, bathed and changed at regular intervals daily by a trained nurse on-site. Monthly medical check-ups are required, and any abnormalities are to be recorded and reported to the appropriate SCP Foundation staff.

No additional security is required beyond basic surveillance.

Description: SCP 918 is/are identical human males of Sudanese descent, 28 years of age, labelled SCP-918-1 and SCP-918-2. Both are appear to be physically normal and healthy, with the only discernable physical difference between SCP-918-1 and SCP-918-2 being the latter’s case of situs inversus. Although SCP-918-1 appears to be completely lucid and aware of his own actions, he is unable to perform any physical movement without SPC-918-2 performing the exact same motion being exactly in synch, albeit mirrored. This same relationship works in reverse, however SCP-918-2 is not observably lucid, and these instances generally occur when SCP-918-2 is unable to perform an action. The only departure from this occurs when speaking; SCP-481-02 also mirrors this action but the speech is reversed, as though listening to a recording of a sentence in reverse.

SCP-918 was discovered on ██/██/20██ in an apartment building in ████████████, France, after police were called to investigate reports of a disturbance in a third-story apartment. Upon forcefully entering, the pair was found engaged in a struggle in a child’s bedroom to the rear of the apartment, with a child of 8 months crying in its cot. According to reports, SCP-918-1 had been attempting to reach the child to feed it, but had been unable to because of SCP-918-2. The presence of a potential SCP event was detected when reports of SCP-918’s unusual behaviour were transmitted over police frequencies. The scene was quickly secured by SCP Foundation personnel, and all police reports subsequently confiscated. Once SCP-918’s properties had been established, he/they were removed from the apartment by being bound to stretchers moved in synchronisation, and then transported to the nearest SCP facility. The child was taken in to police custody; the mother yet to be identified.

The cause for the appearance of SCP-918 is as of yet unknown, and ongoing investigations of the ████████████ area are being conducted in order to determine any potential sources. SCP-918-1 has repeatedly stated that SCP-918-2 had never been present before the date of extraction, yet claims not to remember the manner of its appearance. SCP-918-1 has also been showing increasing signs of distress in the ██ months since extraction, and has made repeated requests to be released from detainment and return to his son. In light of this, frequent psychological examinations are required, and efforts to alleviate this stress will be enacted.

Addendum: It is notable that SCP-918-2 speaks the reverse of sentences spoken by SCP-918-1 sentences at their very end, rather than stating each word backwards but in the same order. In every recorded instance, this has been shown to be an extremely accurate mimic of the original sentence when played in reverse, with the words use predicted with 100 percent accuracy. However, fluency in language implies some degree of unconscious behaviour, and full sentences are rarely ‘planned’ before they are spoken. SCP-918’s background from a non-English speaking background may account for some degree of conscious thought when it comes to constructing sentences, but so far SCP-918-1 has shown to be mostly confident with the English language. The fact that SCP-918-2 starts from the end of SCP-918-1’s statements implies some element of predetermination is at work here, or perhaps even consciousness on SCP-918-2’s part.

Addendum: As a result [INCIDENT], gathering further data on the nature of the relationship between SCP-918-2 and SCP-918-2 is now impossible. The following logs have been made available to aid further investigations (requires level 2 security clearance or higher).

Incident Log 918-I-1

Following several complaints of distress and sleeping trouble, overseers approved requests from SCP-918-1 to be given access to a mild sedative, to be administered by Foundation staff, commencing ██/██/20██. Eight after having started the medication, an anomaly was observed via security surveillance, 0418 hours. Although SCP-918-1 appears to be completely asleep, SCP-918-2’s eyes were observed to be wide open and blinking as normal.

This event was observed two days later on ██/██/20██ upon inspection of the recordings. Measures have been enacted to observe and document similar occurrence, but there have been no incidents observed since, at the time of writing this log. The potential for medications or other drugs to impact SCP-918-1 and not SCP-918-2 is also undergoing investigation.

Incident Log 918-I-2

An escape attempt was mounted by SCP-918-1 on ██/██/20██ at 1128 hours. Subject attempted to push past Dr. ████████ while exiting the chamber, ignoring warnings and commands from security staff. Upon reaching the door, however, SCP-918-1 found himself unable to progress any further, as the door to SCP-918-2’s was at the time closed. Shortly after, SCP-918-1 returned to his bed without the need for physical force.

Incident Log 918-I-3

On ██/██/20██ at 0250 hours, SCP-918-1 sustained fatal injuries as the result of a suicide attempt. A later review of security footage revealed that SCP-918-1 had obtained a biro pen, used by Dr. ██████████ for note-taking during the previous session that had accidentally been left in the cell. Later that night, after all science personnel had departed, SCP-918-1 committed suicide by stabbing himself in the neck multiple times, puncturing the carotid artery. The subject died of blood-loss before medical assistance could effectively be supplied.

Although review of surveillance after the incident shows SCP-918-2 performing the same stabbing motions as SCP-918-1, the former did not have access to a pen in their cell. At this point, SCP-918-2 slumped to the ground in the same motion as SCP-918-1, but it appears that the bond between the pair was broken shortly afterwards. While SCP-918-1 ceased breathing at approximately 0252 hours, SCP-918-2’s continued to breathe steadily beyond this point, and continued to lie unmoving after SCP-918-1’s body had been removed.

SCP-918-2 no longer shows any awareness of its surroundings, but will respond to simple physical prompting. It can be directed to stand and even eat, although these motions are performed mechanically until further prompting is given. An examination of the pupillary reflex shows no reaction, implying that there may be some damage to the nerve connecting the eye to the brain.

Dr. ██████████ has been reprimanded for the mishap, and his level 2 security clearance has since been revoked.

Addendum: A series of tests have been conducted to determine the lucidity of SCP-918-2. So far, almost all stimuli have provoked negligible or no response, suggesting a lack of consciousness. Only one stimuli has proven to illicit any reaction: when SCP-918-1’s child is present, at which SCP-918-2 will smile widely.

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