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Picture taken by the Coast and Cliff rescue team while inside SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained at all times in an airtight, spherical container 3 m in radius. This container should be composed of reinforced steel and needs to be at least 70 mm thick in all places to reduce the risk of breaches. The sphere is to be suspended in a second, larger sphere and seperated from it by 500 mm of vacuum. Should a breach or leak occur, class-3 personnel or higher will be required to see to any repairs. Ear plugs and standard hazardous material suits should be worn whenever contact with SCP-XXXX is a possibility.

Description: SCP-XXXX manifests itself as a preternatural fog. Very little is known about it at this time, but initial tests have revealed that the fog exhibits many properties not associated with naturally occurring fog. It can contract itself to take up a volume of no less than that of a sphere of 250 mm. Researchers have likened attempts at moving through this condensed state to "drinking soup through a straw". Another unusual property associated with SCP-XXX is that it is a single coherent mass; it does not dissipate in air as a gas might.

Prolonged exposure to SCP-XXXX has been seen to produce psychological effects as well as physical effects including, but not limited to:
- Dizziness
- Headaches
- Loss of Balance
- Loss of Hearing
- Loss of Eyesight
- Feelings of Guilt
- Feelings of Regret
- Feelings of Dread

Inside the fog visibility is at around 1.5 m (increased to 2.5 m with a high powered flashlight).

Addendum: SCP-XXXX was first sighted encompassing a mountain lake in [DATA REDACTED] in ██- ██- 20██. The surrounding area had been grey and foggy for weeks meaning SCP-XXXX was not seen as unusual. The local authorities became involved with SCP-XXXX when a local man, ████ █████, climbed up to the lake under the influence of alcohol. He was believed to be attempting suicide. The local division of a coast and cliff rescue service were contacted to try and rescue the man. By their own accounts, only the advanced training of the search team allowed them to enter the fog and escape without mishap. Their search lasted less than an hour and the area was immediately closed off from the public.

As the fog started to clear elsewhere it soon became clear to inhabitants of the nearby town that SCP-XXX was not a natural fog. They began to dream up stories and urban legends about the unusual fog at the lake. Before SCP agents were finally able to contain SCP-XXXX a small group █ high school boys were lost to the fog.

An artificial mist was deployed while x was being secured. This artificial mist dissipated over the course of the next 24 hours in order to avoid suspicion and speculation from townsfolk. SCP-XXXX was captured through the use of a large evacuated tank. Because of its viscous properties, when the valve was opened SCP-XXXX rushed in to fill the vacuum.

SCP-XXXX-t1: Physical Properties

SCP-XXXX was put through various experiments to determine its exact physical characteristics.

1.) Specimen was released into a series differently shaped containers. Specimen was observed to take the shape of each of the containers it was placed in. This is in line with previous observations that SCP-XXXX is a form of gas.

2.) Specimen was placed inside a large Boyle's Apparatus and the pressure was slowly increased. Specimen's volume decreased as the pressure increased, as expected. When a volume of exactly 65449800 mm3 was reached, any further compression of the specimen was deemed, for all intents and purposes, impossible. At this precise volume, SCP-XXXX appears to be a liquid.

3.) Specimen was placed in a long, thin glass tube with a valve splitting it into two halves. The valve was closed in a attempt to separate a portion of SCP-XXXX from the main body. SCP-XXXX reacted unexpectedly. It recoiled as if in pain and contracted to take up one side of the tube.

4.) Experiment 3 was repeated with a smaller tube to allow no room in either side for SCP-XXXX to contract into. Specimen appeared to resist the valve being closed before expanding violently to shatter the glass of the tube. Further attempts to separate SCP-XXXX into separate entities have been discontinued.

5.) Analysis of SCP-XXXX's chemical composition remain inconclusive.

6.) SCP-XXXX's approx. 5 kg.

SCP-XXXX-t2: Anomalous Properties

SCP-XXXX was introduced to various test subjects in order to observe anomalous properties and their effects on humans.

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