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4/5000 LEVEL 4/5000
Item #: SCP-5000



Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5000 is contained in situ at the location of its discovery. A five square meter table has been constructed in the center of a 15 x 20 x 5 m containment chamber on Sub-Level 5 of Site-17. The containment chamber is outfitted with the Mk V Temporal Sink, to be maintained at constant TVM1 unless otherwise directed by the item’s HMCL Supervisor (currently Dr. Marcus Kitterman), Site Director, or O5-12.

All instances of SCP-5000-1 are subject to interrogation, containment, and termination on sight as necessary. Instances may be retained for study under HCP-32 in the adjoining containment cells. Instances are to be terminated after a maximum of 364 days in containment to prevent causal interference with subsequent instances. No writing material is permitted in the containment suite or adjoining interrogation rooms to prevent SCP-5000-1 from employing memetic temporal displacement methods.

Access to the containment chamber is restricted to members of the Temporal Anomalies Department with L-5/5000 clearance, general L/5Δ clearance, or higher. Due to continued active temporal anomalies surrounding SCP-5000 and all sub-designations, permission to assemble SCP-5000-G and explore SCP-5000-2 may only be granted to members of RCT-Δt with at least 250 hours logged mission time. A steel alloy frame has been constructed sufficient to support the weight and shape of the various fragments in an assembled position, and is stored against the western wall of the containment chamber. Personnel accessing the containment chamber or exploring SCP-5000-2 must be anchored to the chamber’s exterior via 5 mm steel tether. If for any reason the tether becomes detached prior to successful egress, the untethered party is to be considered a hostile entity, interrogated, and permanently contained or terminated as appropriate.

Redundant copies of all documentation relating to SCP-5000 must be kept in causal isolation at all times.


SCP-5000 is the collective designation of six large (0.5 - 2.25 m length) fragments of layered sardonyx bearing detailed relief sculpture often referred to as cameo in art literature. The aesthetic of the relief is consistent with other large cameo carvings from Europe created during the late Republican / early Imperial period of Rome. When viewed separately, each engraving will depict a different individual scene, using the entire space available with no visible damage. However, when any two or more engravings occupy the same visual field, observers become aware that they are looking at a fragmented singular work which encompasses all six fragments.

Personnel with Level 5/Δ or 5/5000 may access Catalog 5000-1.1 for detailed description of all six fragments.

SCP-5000 has the effect of nullifying all ambient tachyon fields within a 5m radius of the collection’s center of mass, rendering it impossible for time to pass within the chamber unless the embedded Mk V Temporal Sink is activated. Interactions between this suspended temporal reference frame and our native TVM progression are not well understood, due to the impossibility of verifying any reported observations of experimental D-Class personnel or other entities leaving its area of effect. From an external perspective, such persons appear to enter and exit the active area instantaneously, and report vastly inconsistent experiences of duration spent within.

SCP-5000-1 designates all humanoids animate entities attempting to leave the active zone. All such instances to date have identified themselves as former members of RCT-Δt. Credentials recovered from SCP-5000-1 appear to be consistent with those in use by the Foundation at their reported time of origin, but none have thus far been verified by extant assets, agents, or databases. SCP-5000-1 instances manifest at a rate of three individuals per year, every year on the 23rd of December since the item’s discovery. Each manifestation always contains two males and one female. All sets have been genetically identical to one another despite occasional presentation of significant morphological differences. To date these have included:

  • Entities with radially symmetrical body plans. Vivisection of instances reveals anatomical structures resembling those of phylum Echinodermatta3.
  • Humanoid entities of increased stature with six phalanges on all extremities, and at least one organ structure of unknown purpose contained within the abdomen.
  • Otherwise normal humanoids suffering advanced stages of SCP-217 infection.
  • Three normal and healthy Corvus corax4 specimens carrying weapons, clothing, spectacles, and other equipment designed to be operated by avian physiology.

Update, 15/5/2027: Previous manifestations of SCP-5000-1 have categorically refused to cooperate with attempts at interview. SCP-5000-1.41-A, -B, and -C have granted interviews to containment personnel. Information will be released to this document pending verification. Researchers may access Document 5000-INT for transcripts of each interview.

Update, 30/6/2027: Following the interview with SCP-5000-1.41-A regarding a hidden space within SCP-5000, efforts were undertaken by RCT-Δt to reconstruct the complete object, designated SCP-5000-G. As of 8/6/2027, the project was concluded and resources diverted to exploration of SCP-5000-2.

SCP-5000-2 designates a spatial anomaly accessed from the obverse side of SCP-5000-G. This area is only accessible when the relief is fully assembled in the upright position. SCP-5000-2 contains a mock Roman city state of the early first century CE in a state of suspended animation.no tachyon field has been successfully detected within SCP-5000-2, rendering standard recording equipment non-functional. Exploration Summary 5000-2-E is compiled from multiple oral and written accounts of SCP-5000-2 exploration by various RCT-Δt assets.

Attached Documentation:


Update, 30/8/2027: During a containment breach of SCP-████, Site-17 suffered catastrophic power failure, including the failure of redundant generators supplying power to SCP-5000’s containment unit and embedded Mk V Temporal Sink. When power was restored via an emergency hard-start of Sub-Level 5 generators three minutes later, SCP-5000 was discovered in SCP-5000-G configuration, and all three adjoining HCP-3 containment cells were discovered opened and empty.

The following note was found in the cell housing SCP-5000-1.41-A:

Item Number: SCP-5000

Object Class: Thaumiel, you idiots.

Special Containment Procedures: Causal isolation protocols matter. I thought we taught you better than this.

Description: You have been put in a box meant to make you believe that putting a box in a box is an effective containment strategy for the thing that used to be in that box. How did this thing even get here? Who designed the unit? Who wrote the ConProcs? Who invented the tachyon tech you’re using to contain it?

Get your shit together, and let us do our jobs.

- ██

Revision to containment procedures is currently under review. SCP-5000-1.41-A, -B, and -C are pending reclassification as Persons of Interest.

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