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Entrance to SCP-1848 and appendages observed from within. See Test 1848/7.

Item #: SCP-1848

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The trail in ███ ██████ National Park which contains SCP-1848 has been closed down under the pretense of intense flooding washing it away. A small research outpost has been constructed around SCP-1848, disguised as a rangers station. One member of outpost personnel is to pose as a park ranger.

Description: SCP-1848 externally appears to be a small (approximately 5m2) pond of unidentifiable liquid similar to water. This liquid is present only to a depth of 50cm, beneath which is a vertical tunnel of approximately 130 meters.

Attempts to access SCP-1848 without passing through this liquid have been unsuccessful, as SCP-1848 does not appear to exist outside the known entrance. The inner walls of SCP-1848 are comprised of various pieces of common foliage yet do not seem to be naturally occurring, appearing to be held in place by an as yet unidentified force. Objects and/or personnel moving more than approximately 30 meters into SCP-1848 appear to trigger the emergence of numerous appendages from its inner walls which block the vertical tunnel at a depth of 15 meters. The time it takes for these appendages to retract appears to be variable (average: 3.2 hours). Ropes/cables used in the descent of SCP-1848 have been severed by these appendages, regardless of material, in 100% of cases. No recovery of lost objects or personnel has been possible.

The other side of SCP-1848 appears to be a shallow body of water, which is produced from SCP-1848. No significant landmarks have been discovered After several exploration attempts, beings and structures which may indicate an intelligent civilization have been discovered.

The civ is made of giant black monolith spike things

the reason we can get through is the mantrap is broken

we find other mantraps leading to other worlds.

SCP-1848 came to the attention of the Foundation on ██/██/████ after investigation of an unexplained spike in the number of missing persons reports filed in ███ ██████ National Park, England.

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