Item #: SCP-474

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any personnel found to be infected with SCP-474 are to be incinerated immediately, as well as any and all clothing materials in their possession. Individual colonies of SCP-474 are to be maintained at Site-19 in a containment cell hosting a battery of thermal imaging cameras, with an attached decontamination and examination room. All experimentation requests regarding SCP-474 is to be submitted to O5 command for approval. Any personnel attempting to gain unauthorized access to SCP-474's containment cell are to be incinerated immediately. All personnel must be decontaminated and examined before and after testing relating to SCP-474.

Description: SCP-474 is a species of parasitic worm related to Clonorchis sinensis that strongly resembles the “fuzz” often found on clothing. SCP-474 will infect a human host by inserting one end of its “fiber” into a pore, proceeding to the blood stream, and eventually making its way to the bile ducts of the host. Once in the bile duct, SCP-474 will begin converting the bile duct into a spinneret, not unlike those present in most arachnids. This process takes approximately 6 hours under real-world conditions. The now-converted bile duct will be used to produce more SCP-474, which will make its way to the host's bones, and begin consuming bone marrow and replacing it with additional spinnerets.

Approximately 36 hours after initial infection, SCP-474 will have made its way into the prefrontal cortex of the host's brain, replacing neurons with itself, rendering the host susceptible to further infection and eventual cessation of individual thought.

Within 48 hours, SCP-474 will spread throughout the host's body, converting tissue of major organs into copies of SCP-474.

After 60 hours have passed, SCP-474 will begin converting the host's epidermis into a fiber woven of itself, mimicking the appearance of clothing. Individual specimens of SCP-474 will loosen themselves from this “clothing” and seek out other potential hosts.

In the final stage of infection, the host will retreat to a dark, humid area, where they will expire. After the host has died, their chest cavity will split open, allowing the SCP-474 that made up the host's major organs to escape.

SCP-474 was first discovered in the small town of ███████, PA. Fully 50% of the population had been converted by SCP-474. █ operatives lost due to infection. An additional ██ lost in the subsequent fire bombing of the town.

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