Item #: SCP-806-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-806-J is to be stored in the desk of the Site 19 Secretary. Any Level 2 or higher personnel may obtain copies of SCP-806-J-1 from the Secretary when needed. Following Incident 806-J-Alpha, access to SCP-806-J is restricted to Level 4 personnel. Personnel of a lower clearance level wanting to use SCP-806-J should transmit the details of their request through the standard requisition chain. If approved, a member of Level 4 command staff will make the request on their behalf. Only Level 4 or higher personnel may handle SCP-806-J or SCP-806-J-1.

Description: SCP-806-J is a gum-lined, cardboard-backed pad of fifty (50) forms entitled "SCP Foundation D-Class Requisition Form". Forms can be removed from the pad and filled out, and any forms removed from the pad are designated SCP-806-J-1 and are designated Safe. When forms have been removed from SCP-806-J, as soon as SCP-806-J is unobserved, the forms are replenished by some unknown method until SCP-806-J again contains fifty (50) forms.

SCP-806-J-1 is identical in style to other standard Foundation forms, such as Form XXX "Request for Nuclear Warhead" and Form XXX "Proposal of Method to Destroy SCP-682". Instances of SCP-806-J-1 are made of ordinary paper of a weight and color identical to other Foundation forms, and said paper does not display resistance to staining, shredding, or burning, or any other unusual properties. SCP-806-J-1 contains numerous blanks headed "D-Class Description" and "Amount Requested", as well as standard boxes for [DATA REDACTED]. It also contains directions to send it by standard Foundation interoffice mail to ████████████, Site ██ - a destination that does not exist at Site ██, or indeed any other Foundation site.

When SCP-806-J-1 is filled out and sent to Site ██ in accordance with directions, it disappears from the interoffice mail system as soon as it is unobserved. The next day, D-Class personnel matching the characteristics given on the submitted SCP-806-J-1 will report for work at the sending Site. These D-Class personnel are added to Foundation databases by unknown means, with no audit records or access logs generated. When questioned, the D-Class have no memory of their lives before the Foundation, unless some characteristic (e.g. a history of substance abuse, or ████████████████████████) is specified on SCP-806-J-1, in which case the D-Class will have memories consistent with that characteristic. Any attempts to verify these histories inevitably fail.

Note from O5-██: No one's sure how this thing works or where it came from, but it's too damn useful to ignore. All future requests for D-Class personnel are to be fulfilled by 806 until we determine otherwise.

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