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SCP-XXX photographed against a contrasting background

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be stored in a standard foot-locker with a 6-digit combination lock at Site 19. All requests to make use of SCP-XXX-1 must be processed through Dr. ███████ and all sessions must be supervised by at least one researcher or guard who is not participating in the sparring circle and able to recognize the Cavalaria song. In the event that the beginning notes of the song are played, said researcher or guard will step in to interrupt the game.

To prevent loss of containment of SCP-XXX, at least one game involving two participants lasting 20 minutes will be played within a 48 hour period using SCP-XXX to provide music.

Description: SCP-XXX is a berimbau a strung percussive instrument native to South America and used in the practice of Capoeira. The instrument shows no increased durability. However, any damage which would prevent playing of instrument results in the properties of SCP-XXX being transferred to another berimbau within an unknown distance confirmed to extend to at least 2██ miles.

When SCP-XXX is positioned to play, the first anomaly occurs. The subject playing will show instinctive knowledge of basic playing of the instrument regardless of prior ignorance with the instrument. Subjects with greater experience show commensurate increase in ability that increases with further playing. The experience has been likened by some subjects to having a teacher present to correct mistakes and 33% of the subjects report faint impressions of an elderly man with a Portuguese accent speaking softly or guiding their hands to improve their technique. Subjects participating in a sparring circle where SCP-XXX is played have reported similar experiences related to improved technique in the fighting style of Capoeira.

Prolonged use of SCP-XXX has been shown to produce negative effects in subjects in the area of ability to recall legal names, with the ability to recall nicknames unrelated to the legal name being unimpaired.

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