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Item #: SCP-1126

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1126 is to be kept within a steel room measuring 5m x 5m x 5m. Said containment room is housed within a bunker complex (Research area ████) 0.██km beneath sea level. The containment room itself is to be kept in a constant vacuum-state, and at a constant temperature of 1.0 × 10-4 K (Personnel responsible for maintaining these temperatures should refer to document 1126-███-█)

Under no circumstance should any radioactive object be brought into Research area ████. In addition, all cellphones, pagers and other electronic devices are forbidden on-site. All notes are to be recorded on paper with pen. All electronic devices on-site (as well as all wiring to the facility) have been enclosed within Faraday cages.

In the event of a power outage, the temperature within the holding cell of SCP-1126 may be maintained by way of on-site generators for 11 minutes and thirty seconds. Any amount of time longer than this without power in Research Facility ██ will be considered a containment breach, and Mobile Task Force Uniform 13 is to be dispatched at once.

Description: An accurate physical description of SCP-1126 cannot be obtained at this time, due to its aggressive nature as well as its salient properties. It is assumed, however, that SCP-1126 is between one point five (1.5) m and one point nine (1.9) m in height.

Any electromagnetic wavelengths near SCP-1126 will abruptly end, with longer wavelengths being affected from a further distance than shorter wavelengths. Wavelengths of longer than 10m have shown halt at a distance of over 250 m, whereas microwaves are not affected until within 10m of SCP-1126. All visible spectra of light halt when within 1.3m of SCP-1126. Ultraviolet as well as X-rays and gamma radiation are assumed to halt even closer to SCP-1126.

In addition, within a distance of .5m from SCP-1126, all kinetic motion slows drastically (At the rate of energy decline towards the surface of SCP-1126, it is assumed that contact with the surface of SCP-1126 would result in a complete cessation of all molecular movement, however brief, at 0 degrees Kelvin.

All such EM wavelengths and kinetic energy neutralized by SCP-1126 have been shown to 'feed' it, causing the range at which it is capable of stopping EM wavelengths and kinetic energy to expand. As such, greater amounts of radiation and kinetic energy cause SCP-1126 to be 'fed' that much faster. Since SCP-1126's was brought into Foundation custody on ██-██-████, the range of SCP-1126's properties have increased ██%. It is currently theorized by Dr. J███ that SCP-1126 will be able to 'absorb' visible light on the surface within ███ years, however a computer simulation shows that a time frame of ██ years is much more likely, given the exponential growth of SCP-1126's abilities. By the same simulation, it has been theorized that the entire planet could be made uninhabitable within ███ years.

Addendum 1126-1: (Retrieval of artifact) SCP-1126 was brought into Foundation custody on ██-██-████. It was brought to foundation attention when a group of travelers in the Siberian region of [REDACTED] reported a 'Shadow Man' moving across the landscape. After two unsuccessful containment attempts, Mobile Task Force Uniform-13 was dispatched and managed to lure SCP-1126 into a [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 1126-3: As of ██-██-199█ Regarding termination attempts of SCP-1126, no current methods are advisable. All current methods of destroying unwanted artifacts (Incineration, gunfire, etc.) would be ineffective due to the ability of SCP-1126 to absorb kinetic energy. Although SCP-███ has been suggested, the likelihood of being able to get to within a close enough range of SCP-1126 are too small to risk SCP-███.

Experiment Log 1126-1
Note: All tests were performed inside of a specifically designed chamber (See addendum 1126-1-15).

██-██-199█: SCP-1126 is subjected to various colors of visible light, to determine the range at which they are affected. These results are to be used as a baseline for future tests, and may be viewed in document 1126-1-4.

██-██-199█: SCP-1126 is subjected to varying wavelengths ranging from radio waves to gamma radiation, with the purpose of determining how to best prepare the containment chamber.

██-██-199█: Termination attempt SCP-1126 is subjected to nine (9) rounds of ammunition from a standard-issue M16-A4 rifle. No effects were immediately observed. After seven (7) seconds, SCP-1126 began moving slowly around the temporary containment area, revealing that all nine rounds were lying on the ground where it had been. Although all rounds were intensely cold, no structural damage, beyond what could be expected of a bullet being fired, was found on any round.

Well, we can officially say that killing this thing by any normal means is right out. The rounds were tested exhaustively, and all we could find were trace amounts of radiation being emitted by them. I'm not sure it's safe to expose any unnecessary matter to eleven twenty-six. At least we know to conduct all future tests in goddamn HazMat suits.
Dr. J███

██-██-20██: SCP-1126 broke containment, showing the first signs of malevolence. During the escape, twelve (12) agents were subjected to SCP-1126's effects. Autopsy showed signs of intense frostbite, as well [DATA EXPUNGED].

Those corpses were putting off radiation like I didn't know was possible… Look, we're simply not ready to deal with something that can actually reduce matter to absolute zero, but it's apparent that physics breaks down at that level. On the grounds that I like continuing to, 'ya know, exist, I'm putting an end to these tests. We've got the data we need to make a containment chamber, and dammit we're chucking this thing in there.
-Dr. J███

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