Gadol's Sandbox2

Chronological History

03/01/1960: A pair of local burglars in ███████, Pennsylvania break into what police reports described as "a stately manor" and found the Mr. ██████ sitting among a hoard of cash, jewels rare paintings and other valuables. The pair were apprehended after local residents contacted the police due to a loud fight between the burglars and Mr. ██████ over the goods. Mr. ██████ was taken to the local hospital. Local doctors, examining Mr. ██████ rule that "gangrene" covers 90% of his body and he should be declared dead.

03/03/1960: Police discover that no record exists of the address they were called in to, no witnesses could recollect the mansion being constructed and local photographs showed a state park occupying that location the week before. Mobile Task Force Iota-10, led by Agent ████ is called in to examine the phenomena.

03/05/1960: Foundation doctors examining Mr. ██████ find him to be still in operative health and he is interrogated, leading Agent ████ to the location of SCP 1105.

See: Field Log 1105-A

03/07/1961 Mr. ██████, the mansion and all objects dematerialize.

03/8/1961: Local police involved in the incident are given Class A Amnesiacs and the burglars are taken as Class D personnel.

07/05/1961 SCP 1105 experimentation begins with coordinates locked on the Pennsylvania area.

02/07/1962: Local authorities in Centralia, Pennsylvania complain that a long abandoned and heavily packed strip mine had opened a large section to underground mine tunnels that had years ago collapsed under tons of debris and other materials. Local geologists find that the mines have been expanded, large portions underneath the town hollowed out and all debris and materials gone.

04/02/1962: Centralia is declared a hazardous area "due to an uncontrollable mine fire" and the town is slowly evacuated.

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