Examples: Device drains the soul or mind of user with each use. All items delivered come from somewhere else, the device is stealing things from people. The objects that come through are haunted, or are "organic and alien" replications of the item asked for, or are extremely radioactive. Each purchase causes the death of someone important to user, and in cases of severe narcissism the user dies. Everytime the device is used, the user loses a mass of flesh equal to the cost of the object ie "A pound of flesh".
This last one would be really fun:
"While a credit card is required, no money is deducted from any account - though an active card is required. The price paid will be an unknown amount of the purchaser's body. The cred card device seems to estimate the price of each item based on some arbitrary price scale. A rare vinyl record collection cost one D-Class subject his left leg - leg disappearing and Vinyl collection appearing simultaneously. Another subject ordered a plate of [REDACTED] and lost the entire left half of his body. Another subject asked for a 1969 Convertible Mustang, paying for it with loss of both her eyes."

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Item #: SCP-1114

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1114-1-2 are to be kept within a closed circuit monitored 10m x 10m x 10m standard containment unit at Site 19 in separate keypad operated lock boxes. The door to the cell is to remain electronically locked at all times, with only Level 2 researchers under Dr. █████ direct supervision and Level 3 staff to be given access. Rotating codes to access the lock boxes will be provided to authorized personnel when a test cycle is approved by Dr. █████.

Class D Personnel with backgrounds in larceny, robbery or financial fraud related crimes should not be given "User" status (See ReportI-1114-5 Incident Report I-1114-5). Dr. █████ has requested the use of Protocol 12 for securing Class D personnel to limit repeat of I1114-5 occurrences.

Probationary use of Protocol 12 granted. 05-█

Description: SCP-1114-1 is a credit card terminal and SCP-1114-2 is a standard credit card. When using the credit card with the terminal, a user may verbally “order” goods that will materialize a meter away from the machine within a specific processing time frame. While a credit card is required, no currency is deducted from any account, the price generally paid from an unknown amount of the purchaser's body with SCP-1114-1 estimating the price of each item based on an arbitrary price scale. Test Log 1114-57]

[Incident Report I-1114-5] Addendum 1: Incident report of anomalous materialization

understand where the goods originate from although experiments are ongoing to determine whether an already existed item is transported to SCP-1114-2's location or whether the item is created ex nihilo. Further testing on tracking the destination of goods and Subject D Class personnel after the "Collections" period has been requested.
Test Protocol Alpha After I1114-A and the risk posed to the facility's structural integrity and safety of personnel, all material requests are to be limited to 10 kilos and Subject D Class Personnel are to be fitted with explosive collars. —- Dr.█████

In all test cycles, subjects using the terminal have contracted a progressive condition similar to gangrene. Regardless of the rate that the condition progresses, each experiment has confirmed that it has no negative impact on the user's health until thirty day have passed from the first instance of the terminal being used, at which point the subject will develop severe health related symptoms attributed to the gangrene like condition.

SCP-1114 ceases to process orders at the same time that the subject’s physical symptoms develop. The only detectable function after order processing ceases is limited to printing three instances of itemized bills in an unrecognized currency over a ninety day period, with the final notice stating that the subject listed on the credit card has been referred to "Collections".

Dependent on the severity of the condition, some subjects have survived with loss of limbs, most notably Class D Subject 1114-█, who despite breaching testing protocols, survived for ninety days after ordering large quantities of [REDACTED], before his body and all previously ordered goods dematerialized.

In █ cases, a subject was ordered to requisition low value goods and did not dematerialize after the ninety day collections period, but instead survived after losing digits, personal effects and in the case of two technicians, family members, to "dematerialization".

In such cases, the ordered goods do not "dematerialize" when whatever body part, personal effect or family member is "collected".

Note: Reconnaissance has confirmed that the bill's city and address do not exist.

Description Addendum A:

SCP-1114-1 is a discontinued model T7 █████████ credit card terminal weighing 1kg. All attempts to disassemble SCP-1114-1 for study of the internal mechanism triggers a re-materialization of the device one meter away from the original terminal. When studying the terminal setup, the only currency listed is the “pound.”

Researcher Monroe discovered that thirty days after each disassembly attempt an itemized charge for a new terminal appears on the bill even if the terminal is not used to order any items. ██ Foundation technicians have had to be involuntarily demoted to Class D subjects after being ordered to disassemble the terminal. At this time, no further disassembly attempts have been authorized.

SCP-1114-2 is blank until the terminal is used, at which point a Subject’s Class D personal information appears on the credit card. The credit card is always issued by ██████████.

SCP-1114 came to our attention after it was delivered to Dr. █████ in a plain package. A note inside the package congratulates Mr. █████ on his "high Class œ status". Mr.█████ is not employed at Site 19 and no information has been obtained on how the package was routed to our facility.

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