Front door of 49 ██████ St following visit by SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX shall be contained in a locked cell lined with 25mm thickness steel plate. The cell is to be furnished with an armchair and a video monitor. The monitor must be provided with a continuous feed of television programs, either live or recorded. The electrical supply to the monitor and associated equipment shall incorporate a UPS and a backup generator with automatic failover.

In the event of equipment failure, personnel entering the cell to effect repairs shall carry Special Handling Equipment EQP-XXXX-1 (see attached specification). At least 3 sets of this equipment shall be kept charged and ready for use at all times.

If a containment breach occurs, personnel are advised not to impede SCP-XXXX in whatever it may attempt to do. A prudent distance should be maintained until a team equipped with EQP-XXXX-1 is able to re-establish containment.


SCP-XXXX is the corpse of an 85-90 year old human female. The state of the corpse is consistent with approximately ██ months having elapsed since time of death, although no further decay appears to be occurring.

The object remains inert as long as it is within viewing distance of a television receiver displaying news or entertainment material. If its television viewing is interrupted for any reason, the object animates and takes action to restore the operation of the television or seek out an alternative source of viewing. The object is capable of exerting considerable force in pursuit of this goal, and attempting to physically restrain it is not recommended unless no other course of action is available.

Recovery Log:

SCP-XXXX was discovered when social services were called to 47 ██████ St, ████████, ██████ by neighbours concerned that the sole elderly occupant had not been seen for an extended period of time. Upon gaining entry, social workers found the occupant seated on a sofa in the living room in front of a television set, deceased. The television set was still running.

When the television set was turned off, the corpse rose, switched the set back on and returned to its seat. The social workers rapidly vacated the premises and called police. Two officers attended, who turned off the television set a second time. The object animated again and made an effort to turn the set back on. The officers attempted to restrain it, resulting in [REDACTED]. One later died from his injuries.

The electrical supply to 47 ██████ St was then disconnected. The object left 47 ██████ St and forcibly entered 49 ██████ St, where a family was seated watching television. The object sat down in a vacant chair and became inert. The occupants rapidly vacated the premises. An armed response unit was called in and attempted to remove the object from 49 ██████ St. The ensuing [REDACTED] resulted in several broken windows, considerable damage to the interior decor of the residence, and X deaths.

At this point the Foundation was alerted by Covert Field Liaison Operative NE1738, and an Initial Contact Team assumed control. After a brief search, the object was located watching television at 53 ██████ St. Improvised portable television equipment proved successful at subduing it, and it was taken into custody.

Addendum 1: EQP-XXXX-1 Specification

Equipment comprises:

  • 1 portable DVD player with minimum 2.5 hr battery life
  • 1 miniature LCD television monitor
  • 1 DVD carrying minimum 2 hr recorded entertainment
  • Cabling to suit

Addendum 2

Statement by Interview Subject XXXX-043, a resident of 46 ██████ St, shortly after apprehension of SCP-XXXX:

Old Mrs. ███████ really liked her telly. When the soaps were on, nothing could drag her away from it.

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