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Close-up of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Based on the relatively slow progression of SCP-XXXX's threat level (prior to ████████████████), containment shall adhere to the standards set by FR SCPCP-S-R-01. As such, the standard Small Reptile Holding Unit is fitted with the (again, standard) Rainforest Biome Simulation Package, with environmental controls set to 30 °C/83% humidity.

Although there are no restrictions on specific items entering the SRHU-RBSP, bringing in any object capable of modifying the environmental controls (through either active or passive means) is disallowed except in cases of research/examination. Per Addendum 3-A, as of ██/██/9█, personnel entering the SRHU-RBSP must wear a fitted FS/STFS-100 (Foundation Standard Skin Tight Fabric Suit/100% Coverage Variant) to minimize exposure of bare skin. Additionally, no foreign object brought into the SRHU-RBSP may exit without first being scanned for signs of SCP-XXXX.

Care and feeding of SCP-XXXX is to follow standards set forth by C/SR-037. SCP-XXXX shows no signs of needing more sustenance than any other rainforest reptile its size.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a small brown gecko ranging from 11-12cm in length (depending on incarnation). Its most noticeable trait is its ability to mimic its surroundings, not at all unlike a chameleon. Of special note, however, is the degree to which SCP-XXXX is able to use this ability. For evolutionary reasons unknown, the SCP is able to alter its appearance on multiple levels: it is able to change its skin to match all manner of visible and non-visible light, is able to change it's body temperature to within 0.001 °C of whatever it is touching, and can also alter its electromagnetic field to appear as part of whatever it has come to rest upon. Additionally, the speed at which SCP-XXXX can enact these changes is of concern: video analysis has confirmed the SCP has the capability to change its visible light appearance within 18ms, its non-visible light appearance withing 41ms, its heat signature within 204ms, and its EM signature within 669ms. Fortuitously, however, it is seemingly unable to modify its appearance in the ██████████ spectrum, and is thus able to be identified via scanning said spectrum in a contained, static environment.

SCP-XXXX reproduces asexually through an extremely complex series of parasitic actions, and nearly all vertebrata species are susceptible to said parasitism. SCP-XXXX will attempt to touch the skin of a host near its spinal cord, and then send small pulses of electricity to deaden the nerve receptors present in the epidermis and dermis. This action takes approximately 6 seconds, and is immediately followed by a unique method of organic fusion that is aided by small secretions of an acidic fluid that SCP-XXXX secretes from its underside. The host will experience a small amount of nausea, but will otherwise be unable to identify the fusing action through its sense of touch. After approximately 3.5 hours (all host times refer to human hosts for the duration of this document), SCP-XXXX will reach the spinal cord, at which time it will attach via small, piercing appendages. Immediately, all higher brain function begins to cease, and after approximately 15 minutes, SCP-XXXX will have complete control over the host, with only basic life sustaining functions (heartbeat, etc) still controlled by the host brain.

After this initial phase, the process of reproduction begins, with a small sac of eggs (5-8) beginning to develop within the host abdominal cavity, within the lining of the stomach. Given a gestation period of roughly 4 days, the sacs will burst, spilling the eggs into the host stomach, and will be immediately regurgitated by the host, hatching within 1 minute. Although not adults, these newborn specimens are still capable of beginning the reproduction cycle again, should adequate hosts be nearby. If no hosts are available, all SCP-XXXX will resume normal cycles, including foraging/sleeping. The host that expelled these newborns will die within 1 hour, as will the the original SCP-XXXX with it, as it is bonded to the host.

When in the presence of multiple SCP-XXXX, all specimens will exhibit advanced group-mind features. No clear, "leader," will appear, but all SCPs and hosts will follow a common goal with a level of coordination that can only be the result of advanced communication. What that method of communication is, however, has not been ascertained.

Addendum: 1-C, Initial Discovery Log

████z ██/██/8█
I've recommended extraction of SCP-XXXX and sterilization of the area it's originated from. I can't be sure how many of the ████ or ████████ in this valley are contamination vectors, but I'm not inclined to find out, either. We'll do our job.
- Dr. ██████

Addendum: 2-A, Containment Probation Period Log

████z ██/██/8█
The remaining 4 SCP-XXXX have settled in, and although they haven't taken to their new home as well as some, they don't appear to be to bothered. They eat the food we give them, and they climb up the trees we prepared. We'll be introducing hosts, soon. There's still a lot we don't know about SCP-XXXX, but I'll have it well researched by year's end, rest assured. It's just data.
- Dr. Bennet

Addendum: 2-D.1, Excerpt: Transcript of Containment Breach

████z ██/██/9█
Dr. Stires: Jim, you okay, man? You look like shit.

Dr. Bennet: [Inarticulate Mumbling]

Dr. Stires: Jesus, you look like you're about to throw up, or something.

Dr. Bennet: [Inarticulate Mumbling]

*Dr. Bennet vomits, spewing forth what appear to be several small objects covered in mucus*

Dr. Stires: Fuck! Christ, what the fuck, Jim? *Raises Comm Unit* Hey, any chance I can get the janitor down here? He'll be ecstatic to find out that Dr. Bennet decided to come to work with the flu. Yah, sub-level ██, you got it.

*The objects regurgitated are recognized to be eggs, having begun to hatch*

Dr. Stires: *Raises Comm Unit* Uh, cancel that janitor. I need a ████ containment team, like, right the fuck now.

*Dr. Bennet collapses, and Dr. Stires rushes to his side*

Dr. Stires: Jim, just… fuck, just hold on. We got ████████ on their way, right now. They'll be here in no time, just keep it together!

Missive from Site Lead: Attachement to: 3-A.1 - Dissemination of Updated Containment Protocols for SCP-XXXX

████z ██/██/9█

I want to reiterate the importance of Addendum 3-A.1 (also attached). Dr. Bennet, diligent as he might have been, wasn't diligent enough. If you're in there with SCP-XXXX, you're wearing a FS/STFS-100. Let's not repeat a careless mistake.

- Dr. Stires

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