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Note that the latest updates are now on google docs. Please send me a message if you are interested in contributing.

Item #: SCP-The Board Game

Object Class: Safe (Cooperative, 3-6 players)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-The Board Game will be fully contained in one (1) .pdf file. Prior to play, the Game should be printed on heavy cardstock and cut out. The cut-outs may be kept in a shoe or sweater box until testing. If desired, the pieces may be laminated.

When SCP, the Board Game is tested, it should be set out on a table approximately one meter square or larger. A standard card table will work fine. Some extra tools are required to play with SCP, The Board Game. These include several 6-sided dice, and a stack of pennies to be used as tokens. These may be stored in the same box as the game.

If desired, and upon O5 approval, a file containing information for printing 3d versions of the game tokens on a 3d printer may also be downloaded.

Description: A cooperative board game for 3-6 players. Each game should last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on scenario. SCP, The Board Game consists of a single .pdf, which may be printed on cardstock and cut into multiple components. These components are classified as follows:

  • SCP-TBG-1: The rules card. This contains the most basic rules for the game, which apply to all players. All extra rules and exceptions are printed on the cards they apply to.
  • SCP-TBG-2: The board pieces. These are assembled prior to, or during play, depending on the scenario, and represent the environment, be it Site corridors, open fields, or alternate dimensions. A map legend lists any special rules concerning areas or objects on this map. (I.e. how to place and use equipment tokens in The Armory, or what clearance level is required to open a given door.)
  • SCP-TBG-3: Tokens for characters, SCPs, and items. These are used on the game board to represent everything that's not part of the environment.
  • SCP-TBG-4: Character cards. These detail the professions of the players in the game- anything from Researcher, to Doctor, to Agent. Each card lists the profession's movement rate, health (with room for tokens), security clearance, and one or two special rules unique to each character. (See Addendum SCP-TBG-a, Sample Character Cards)
  • SCP-TBG-5: SCP Cards. These detail each SCP the players may encounter over the course of the game. Since the game is cooperative, the rules for determining, in a non-biased manner, how the SCP will act any given turn are printed on this card. Be sure to pay attention, because every SCP is unique!
  • SCP-TBG-6: Equipment cards. Sometimes players will pick up useful (or dangerous) equipment. These cards contain those rules.

Addendum: Sample Character Card

Sample Researcher card, not final text/graphics

Addendum: Additional Sample Cards (text only)
Additional Sample Character Cards
Clearance- L2
Moves- 6 | Health- 8

  • Sidearm The agent starts the game with one firearm equipment card (randomly drawn?)
  • Crack Shot Due to advanced firearms training, all firearms equipped by this player do +1 token of damage.

Clearance- L2
Moves- 5 | Health- 6

  • Medic! The medic can restore 2 health to any adjacent token instead of making an attack. This cannot restore health tokens higher than one below maximum, and cannot be used on Deceased players or SCPs.
  • Euthanasia The medic can do 2 tokens of chemical damage to adjacent tokens as an attack.

Clearance- L2
Moves- 5 | Health- 5

  • Electronic Bypass The engineer may open any locked door rated L4 and below, by using twice the moves it normally would take.
  • Mechanical Bypass Instead of using any moves, the Engineer may bypass the standard lockouts and open a blast door. The Engineer may not attack on the same turn he uses this rule.

Sample Equipment Cards:
Firearm: .45 Piecemaker
Damage: 2 Type: Kinetic
Ammo: 6 (uses tokens to track)
Every time card is used, remove an Ammo token. When all ammo tokens are gone, this card can not be used.
This card may be given, once per turn, to any adjacent token. It may not be fired the turn it is traded. Applying this token counts as a trade.

Armor: Dragonscale Body Armor
Kinetic damage taken by the player is reduced by 2 tokens. Whenever more damage is done than is absorbed (3+ damage), place a token
on this card. When there are five tokens on the card, the armor has been destroyed, and the card must be discarded.

Sample SCP Cards:
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:
Move- 10 (see below) | Health- n/a

  • Invulnerable. Does not take kinetic, chemical, or psychic damage.
  • Don't Blink! As long as a player token is facing SCP-173 with direct line of sight, it cannot move. The moment no token is facing it, (even in mid-turn,) it will proceed at maximum speed towards the closest player token and batter it for 5 kinetic damage. Players who want to move backwards or sideways to keep SCP-173 in view must spend double moves (rounded up) to do so. Opening a door requires breaking line of sight with SCP-173.

Addendum: Core rules (very threadbare, WIP)
Initial notes:
Cards and Markers- Each card, player and SCP, has a corresponding marker. The markers represent the character's location on the game board, while the cards track health and any special rules. Markers are two-sided. Face down represents inactive; associated SCP cards should be placed in the SCP pile. Face up represents active; associated SCP cards should be placed face up on the table. If SCP cards run out of health tokens, they should be returned to the SCP pile and their markers removed from the board. Special rules on the SCP card may override this.

Scenario: Multiple Containment Breach
"Site-19 to Overwatch HQ, we have a situation. There has been a security breach, affecting multiple SCPs. Repeat, multiple SCPs have br- " [TRANSMISSION ENDS]
Something happened. Maybe a computer crashed. Maybe there was a power failure while the backup generator was down for maintenance. Maybe the janitor forgot to close a door. How it happened doesn't matter- there will be time for blame later, maybe. Right now, it's time for damage control.
Scenario Goal: Primary: Contain/neutralize all SCP tokens. Secondary: Survive.
Set Up:

  • Lay out the game board (randomly?/as specified?).
  • Shuffle the SCP cards and markers, and place one marker, face down, in a Containment Chamber. Repeat until all Chambers are full.
  • Reveal three SCP markers at random, and place an Unlocked token (penny) at their containment chamber door to show it is unlocked.
  • Shuffle the Player cards. Each player should chose one at random, place their health tokens on the card, and set up any equipment cards specified by the Player Card; they may then place their Player Token in the designated starting location on the map. (I.e. Researcher in the lab, Agent in the Security Office, etc.)
  • Shuffle the remaining Equipment Cards and distribute them evenly through the Armories and Locker Rooms, face down.


  • Each player rolls one die. The player with the highest number goes first (reroll ties). Play order proceeds clockwise. The next turn, the player to the left goes first, and so on.

SCP Behavior for this senario:

  • SCPs in Containment Cells will remain there unless released. Leave the markers face down to represent this.
  • Non-Sentient SCPs will wander in a random direction away from their containment cell. If they reach an intersection, roll a die; for 2-way intersections, 1-3 they go left, 4-6 they go right. For 3-way intersections, 1-2 left, 3-4 straight, 5-6 right. If they pass a door to another containment cell, they will attempt to open it.
  • Sentient SCPs will move purposefully towards whichever is closer- a player marker or a locked door. When they reach a locked door, they will attempt to unlock it. If they reach a player marker, they will attack.
  • As always, special rules on any face-up SCP card may override above behavior rules.

Scenario-specific rules:

  • If a containment cell door is unlocked, place an unlocked token on the door, and turn any SCP cards inside face up. They will become active next turn, following the above behavior rules.
  • If a containment cell door is locked, turn the SCP card for any SCPs inside face down.
  • When there are no face-up SCP markers on the board (I.e. All SCPs have been contained or terminated), the players win the game. Congratulations to the survivors!
  • If there are no player markers left on the board, the game is lost. Heaven help humanity…
  • (Rules for opening/closing doors are on the board itself. Rules for moving SCPs will be added to the SCP card where/if applicable.)
  • (Rules for equipping items from the armory are on the board itself.)

Scenario Variations: For extra difficulty, impose a turn limit, after which Overwatch HQ will remotely detonate the on-site nuke to neutralize the threat.

Older section below, above Scenario rules take presidence while this is reviewed/rewritten
At the start of the game, each player rolls one die. The highest number goes first (reroll ties). Play order proceeds clockwise. The next turn, the player to the left goes first, and so on.

  • Player move- players declare actions and move as determined above. Players may take as many actions as they have moves, adjusting for cost of each move. Leftover moves are lost.
  • SCP move- Each SCP's actions are determined and applied.
  • Combat Declaration- Each player and SCP may declare one combat action; players declare before any SCPs.
  • Combat Resolution- Each SCP's combat action is resolved; afterwards, each players actions are resolved. If the resolution makes a declared action impossible (i.e. attacking somebody/thing that is already dead) the action is lost.

Move costs-

  • Moving one square- one move
  • Turning- free, but facing cannot be changed once the player's move phase is over.
  • Open normal door- one move
  • Close normal door- one move
  • Open locked door- two moves. Door can only be opened if security clearance is high enough.
  • Close and lock door- two moves.
  • Close blast door- one move
  • Reveal adjacent equipment token- all remaining moves (minimum one.) Equipment revealed may be immediately applied to player.

Addendum: Templates

Player Marker front template
Back of player marker (complete pending suggestions)
SCP Marker front template
Back of SCP marker (complete pending suggestions)
Template for player card (missing health dot text.)

Marker print size is 1" diameter. Card print size is 4"x5". Player marker fronts should include the player card name and and a cropped version of the picture on the player card. SCP marker fronts should include SCP number, object class, and a cropped version of the picture on the SCP card. SCP card template is pending, but will be similar to the Player card. Currently, cards do not need a backing, as there is no reason for them to be face down- they can only be face up or not in play. I will probably design a backing at some point in the future.

I will also take suggestions for player cards/SCP cards in text form and convert them; I have the templates in .psd format, with layers. I will be making that format available eventually.

Health dot colors are complete; each reduction in status should also include a penalty, typically to Move stat, which is applied as the dot is revealed by removing the health token. Characters/SCPs with 5 health will only have 5 dots, while those with more will have more than 8 dots. There's currently enough room for 12 dots, this may be adjusted after gameplay balance testing. (Dots are 3/4ths of an inch in diameter, roughly the same size as a penny.)

A "complete" card that uses this template will be posted shortly; note that final card graphics style is still not decided- photorealistic, CG renders, or sketches are all still possibilities.

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