Gelitan Fountain
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SCP-1132-1, Prior to Containment

Item #: SCP-1132-1

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1132-1 is to kept in a 4x5m storage container. It is only to be accessed for approved testing. Testing must be approved by level 3 personnel.

One Instance of SCP-1132-2 is to remain in a 4x6m cell, guarded by two security personnel and one high pressure water cannon. The guards are to be in hazardous material suits to prevent direct contact with SCP-1132-2 in the event of a containment breach. SCP-1132-2 does not require food, water, sleep, or any furnishings. The cell is to be kept above 35°C. Human contact is not allowed outside of approved testing with D-Classes possessing an IQ of 90 or less. Testing must be approved by level 3 personnel.
Any instance of SCP-1132-2 is to be incinerated upon creation.

Revised: See Addendum 1132-b.

Description: SCP-1132-1 is a 3x4m stone fountain, made of cobblestone on the outside with a limestone interior. The cobblestone has no anomalous properties. Examination on the limestone has shown that it contains trace amounts of sugar, and compounds similar to animal bone.

If a living organism makes contact with the limestone, their skin will take on a red tinge and will begin to change into SCP-1132-2
Starting at the contact point, the subject will begin to change into a red, gelatin substance. Testing has revealed no anomalous properties, and that it is a strawberry flavour █████ Brand Gelatin snack that, with the exception of their vaporization point, is not anomalous. Consumption of SCP-1132-2 will result in the consumer becoming SCP-1132-2.

Testing with D-class has revealed that the process of transformation is not painful, and instead induces a “Cool, sugary feeling.” Interviews with subjects and examinations show that they enter a euphoric state, subjects exhibit no desire to fight the process and an overall sense of lethargy. They will allow SCP-1132-1 to process them until major organs are turned into gelatin and they expire. Upon full transformation of their body, SCP-1132-2 will manifest.

Subjects affected by SCP-1132-1 will become SCP-1132-2. SCP-1132-2 is the affected subject, they are aesthetically the same to the subject, however, they are made entirely out of Gelatin. Instances of SCP-1132-2 retain all memories from their life, and will share a consciousness with other affected subjects. They do not respond to any stimuli, and all express a desire to expose others to SCP-1132-1, though they will not act upon this. The only efficient method of termination is to melt them. Temperatures above 35°C will cause them to lose form, ending in total evaporation. Any damage they sustain via other means will be repaired, if any gelatin is removed from it, SCP-1132-2 will reattach it, or a similar substance in order to repair itself.

Upon being introduced to a subject, SCP-1132-2 will ask them if they would like to "join the fountain." If they reply no, no further action will be taken, if they reply yes, SCP-1132-2 will begin to envelope them, changing them in the same manner as SCP-1132-1. Once approximately ██ minutes have passed ( depending on the size of the subject ) SCP-1132-2 will release them, they will have become another instance of SCP-1132-2, and any knowledge they possessed will be transferred into their collective consciousness.

Addendum 1132-a: Interview on 07/12/20██, between Dr.B███ and SCP-1132-2, previously D-3213

Dr.B███: Hello, D-3213

SCP-1132-2: We prefer if you use our name.

Dr: Your D-Class designation will do fine.

SCP: Shove it.

Dr.B███ motions for security personnel to come closer, SCP-1132-2 reacts violently, attacking Dr.B███ and the guard. Interview is resumed > once SCP-1132-2 has been reconstructed and restricted.

Dr: Now then, where were we?

SCP: Some Scientific bull, no doubt.

Dr: Would you prefer if Agent ████ were to be-

SCP: Tell me doc, how's your wife? Oh yeah, she's dead, because you got drunk one night and ran the car through your house.

Dr: How do you know that?

Noted that Dr.B███ was not angered, but instead relaxed, appearing not to care about the changes in SCP-1132-2's demeanor. It is noted that his skin is flushed pink at this time.

SCP: I know everything you know, Dr.B███

Noted that SCP-1132-2 was never told the name of Dr.B███, and that Dr.B███'s and Agent ████'s skin has become noticeably redder in tinge as the interview continues.

SCP: Including the location and ways to obtain a [EXPLETIVE RETRACTED]load of dangerous objects that could bust us out, and allow everyone to join the fountain. Like you. You're part of the fountain now.

Temperature in the room is increased until SCP-1132-2 melts, Dr.B███ and Agent ████ are removed, debriefed and terminated via incineration.

Addendum 1132-b: Any physical contact made with SCP-1132-2 will begin the process of transformation. SCP-1132-2 will use deception and force to incorporate personnel it deems to possess "Useful knowledge". It is recommended for any personnel making contact with SCP-1132-2 to wear a hazardous material suit. All instances of SCP-1132-2 are in possession of classified foundation knowledge, and are to be terminated after the completion of any testing.

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