Gibbons' sandbox

Book of Sand

Item #: SCP-XXX

Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept privately in Site ███'s library and can be requested for examination to the acting head Librarian by all Level 2 and upwards researchers, with the mandatory supervision of a guard to ensure no intentional damage is done to SCP-XXX. Although no current effects due to prolonged exposure have been noticed, examination is limited to 45 minutes per session as cautionary measures.

Description: SCP-XXX is a large, clothbound octavo-bounded book of an unusually superior weight than expected. Both cover and backcover are of a brown-yellow colour, decolorated due to its antiquity and use, and a beige-coloured spine with reads "Holy Writ - Bombay" in golden letters. Bookcrafting specialists indicated the type of binding to be characteristic of the early 19th Century, but several radiocarbon dating experiments have yielded varied and inconclusive results. Item has been found in the former National Library building in Buenos Aires, Argentina at ██████ Avenue in ██-██-2███.

Text written inside SCP-XXX's pages have been printed in a double-column layout and printed on lightweight offset paper, both traits commonly found in Bibles and large encyclopedias. The text itself is written in a currently-unknown language with symbology akin to Sanskrit, and separated in versicles. Several poorly-drawn images can be ocasionally found in a page. Experts have yet to discover any kind of symbological consistency inside the text, structurally compared to the Voynich Manuscript.

The pages are numbered in arabic numerals, although with a seemingly-random enumeration (e.g.: when the book is opened, the page at the left may read '403' while the page at the right may read '931,411' or '91,124,990,35195'). When a page is completely turned, or when the book is closed, any attempts to go back to the previous page are unsuccessful and will instead find a completely different page. Reaching the first or the last page of the book has also been proven to be impossible by normal and mechanical means - researches have claim that it's "like if more pages sprouted out of the book". It is currently suspected that the amount of pages in the book is effectively infinite.

Addendum 001-XXX-A:

O5-██ and I have denied the destruction of the SCP several times now. I not only have to remind you that decoding this stuff takes a lot of time, but you have to also consider how we destroy these kind of SCPs: Incineration. How are we supposed to burn something with infinite pages? Who's going to deal with the endless smoke? —O5-█.

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