Soul Music
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SCP-2000-01 and 02 in their original case

Item #: SCP-2000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2000 is to be kept within a wood-paneled, sound-proof practice room at Site-19, with atmospheric conditioning ideal for SCP-2000-01's and SCP-2000-02's preservation. No active guard is required, and SCP-2000 can be signed out for use by Level-2 and above personnel. (See Form-2000-UA1). SCP-2000's room is remain locked at all times; personnel requiring access to SCP-2000 for testing purposes must send a formal request to Site Administration with one (1) week's notice. One (1) guard is to be posted at all times to ensure the lock for SCP-2000's room is not tampered with.

Description: SCP-2000 is comprised of three (3) parts: a violin, a bow, and two (2) small cakes of rosin (SCP-2000-01, -2000-02, and 2000-03 respectively).

When SCP-2000-02 is used to play SCP-2000-01, 82% of tested subjects are able to play reliably well*, regardless of musical training or background. Additionally, they report an accompanying sense of accomplishment and well-being; these effects do not translate into playing any other instrument than SCP-2000-01*. Additional time spent playing SCP-2000-01 intensifies both effects: subjects have displayed virtuoso levels of aptitude after one (1) month of constant practice. SCP-2000-01 does not exhibit any other effects as long as it remains out of auditory range of any potential listeners, apart from causing minor symptoms of anxiety and depressionin the subject if they are not able to play SCP-2000-01 for at least twenty-three (23) minutes a day1. After the events of 1█-██-19██, further experiments on the effects SCP-2000-01 to its user are ongoing (See Addendum 2000-A).

Anyone who listens to SCP-2000-01 being played experiences a marked improvement both emotionally and mentally, and describe a variety of 'profound' feelings generally related to the kind of music performed. 78% of personnel who have listened to SCP-2000-01 have expressed a strong interest in doing so again.

History: SCP-2000 came to the Foundation's custody in 194█, after a young heiress named [NAME REDACTED] collapsed on the stage during a benefits concert for World War II veterans in Edinburgh, Scotland. Prior to the concert, [NAME REDCATED] had no history of musical ability or training, and news of the events surrounding her death prompted an investigation by the Foundation. It was discovered that she had come into possession of SCP-2000 through her father's will, who had died █ years previous in World War II. Perusal of the journal of [NAME REDACTED] revealed that she had begun using SCP-2000 five (5) months prior because it had "reminded her of her father, and his little performances he had always given me."

Investigation into the physical history of SCP-2000 has ascertained it's origin as a Nicola Amati violin; carbon dating of wood samples taken from the inside of SCP-2000-01's back panel has set the instrument's creation in 1633, matching the labeling on the inside of the back panel, and the chemical composition of the varnish is identical to that of other known Amati violins. Investigation into SCP-2000-02 and SCP-2000-03 has yielded little information, except to suggest that they were later additions to SCP-2000.

Maker's label inside SCP-2000-01

Addendum 2000-A: On 1█-██-19██, Agent Palmer was found dead in the practice room set aside for SCP-2000's containment, slumped back in the room's single chair and holding SCP-2000-01 and SCP-2000-02 to his chest. A search for Agent Palmer was instigated when he failed to attend the sixteenth faculty concert at Site-19, the fifth of which he would have performed in. Cause of death was determined to be cardiac arrest twenty (20) minutes after entering containment for SCP-2000. An autopsy of Agent Palmer's body revealed no anomalous causes, though his family record indicated a history of heart disease. Agent Palmer was 29 when he died. All requests to use SCP-2000 are suspended indefinitely, pending further investigation.

Addendum 2000-13-D: On 1█-██-19██, D-3415 was instructed to perform before thirty (30) other D-class personnel; D-3415 had not performed for others using SCP-2000, but had exhibited the withdrawl effects of SCP-2000 during previous testing. Midway through her performance of Shostakovitch's Violin Concerto No. 1, monitoring equipment recorded a series of muscular convulsions and loss of respiratory consistent with exposure to NV-B32. Despite this, D-3415 continued playing with the recorded orchestral accompaniment, collapsing at the end of the performance fifteen (15) minutes after death.

It seems that playing SCP-2000 for others reduces your… life expectancy. Time left. Will to live, I don't know. Though it doesn't make sense for Palmer's case—he died before he even got a chance. Whatever's going on, we need more data on SCP-2000. Suggest testing continues with D-class whose monthly termination is officially waived. - Dr. ██████

[[General notes and to-do: few awkward sentence structure things, see asterisks for primary offenders. Make 'conclusion' of Dr. Blah easier to come to. Change one month notations to ~30 days, move more immediate, pertinent information around so it's seens first (AKA why does it need to be contained), sound out more community memebers on 'negative' aspects; current consensus is that killing people doesn't work, even if kills in cool ways—like pushing foward your 'fated' time of death. Whatever it is, needs to stay with theme of using up and exhausting life / soul / animus/ whatever in order to express it to others.]]

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