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SCP-XXX in containment

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained inside half of a standard cylindrical pin tumbler lock in Site 78; it is not to be removed from the lock unless testing is being performed, and it must be returned immediately afterwards. SCP-XXX's containment chamber is to be divided in two by a door; testing may only occur on this door, which is to be kept locked except during testing. Under no circumstances is SCP-XXX to be used on any other door.

Description: SCP-XXX is a standard house key with no identifying markings; chemical analysis indicates that SCP-XXX is composed of standard nickel-plated brass. SCP-XXX will fit into any pin tumbler lock, but cannot be used to unlock any lock door. When inserted into an unlocked pin tumbler and turned as if to lock it, the locking mechanism will appear to engage; however, the door will still be able to be opened. A door unlocked by SCP-XXX will not lead to the other side when opened. Instead, it leads to a hallway with a number of other doors, located every eight feet on each side; it has no end, but instead loops back in on itself after approximately 100 feet. Some of the doors in the hallway lead to alleyways in major metropolitan areas, while others lead to abandoned buildings in isolated areas. However, some of them cannot be opened; lockpicking tools, breaching rounds, battering rams, and incendiary devices have all been used to attempt a door breach with no success.
Observers on the other side of the door will not view the door as being opened, and report being unable to do so.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Albert Johansson looked outside the window, at the seat of the car, at the dashboard, then back out the window. Anywhere but at the man in the driver's seat. He'd introduced himself as Sean Thorley, special agent from the FBI, and his records checked out all right. He'd even called the Bureau's personnel division to confirm it personally. But he still didn't quite trust the tall, gaunt man, even after he'd accepted his request that they take his personal car. The file he'd received upon his promotion had said that the QKARCHER briefings were to be held off-site, but he still didn't trust them. He'd heard tales of compromised files that led good men right to their deaths, and some of them were probably even true. But still, here he was, in a car doing forty-five about an hour from Langley, with nobody for company but Mr. Thorley.

"Just a second, Director, I think… ah, here we are." The car pulled off the road, the smooth ride of asphalt replaced with the crunch of gravel. Sean stopped the car briefly to show his ID to a serious-looking man with a very serious-looking gun, who opened a gate to let them through to a parking lot littered with sedans and SUVs, plus the occasional armored car. The two men exited, Sean leading the other inside, past keycode locks, ID scanners, and even a retinal scanner, with not a single FBI logo in sight. Men and women, some in labcoats and some in military uniforms with no emblem, walked past them, giving Sean a decent amount of berth and looking at Albert as if he was some kind of curiosity. "My apologies for the drive and the security, but QKARCHER has to be briefed in this specific location." Sean said, opening the door to a conference room. Inside, there

"So, a

Day 1
This is Foundation Agent Michael Thornton, and the date is May 7, 19##. At least, it was. I was patrolling the perimeter of SCP-084, making sure nothing gets in, checking for anything that gets out, the usual. It was raining, but hell, weather isn't anything new. Then, I guess, lightning 'hits' the tower. The labcoats said nothing can actually get to the thing, but I guess they were wrong. There
s this fuck-off huge flash of light, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I was standing outside a town; I guess this is ██████████ █████. I'm going to go inside and sleep this off; maybe it's a nightmare.

Day 2
I was standing about ten meters outside the town; it took me five minutes to get anywhere. Then all of a sudden this house just rushes up to me. I go inside and I see this woman stuck inside her kitchen countertop.

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