Good Critique

sandrewswann said in a now-deleted thread:

I know people archive the occasional failed SCP as a bad example,but has anyone thought of archiving the comment thread that goes along with it? I know from my experiences work-shopping fiction that seeing other people's work get critiqued is as good, or even better, a learning experience as having your own stuff deconstructed. It's human nature that we more easily see the flaws in other people's work than our own, but seeing the bad example: followed by the explanations of why it's a bad example, not only helps to understand the nature of the problems, but helps cultivate the inner editor that everyone needs…

This is that archive. Feel free to add to this. (But if you add advice that I think is bad, without a counterpoint, it's going to be deleted.)

Examples follow.

Example #1


The Critique

Example #2

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