Medusa Gaze

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a cell with dining areas, sleeping areas, and a bathroom, furnished with basic comfort items. (All items must be approved to avoid attempts at self-injury, see Incident Report XXX-3.) SCP-XXX is to be provided with special fiber-optic video goggles. These goggles are to be worn during all interaction with SCP personnel outside of controlled experiments; sensors installed in the subject's temples will register the presence of the goggles when properly worn and transmit this status to the relevant security consoles. Subject is not allowed to leave her cell unless accompanied by at least three (3) personnel carrying tranquilizers, who are to maintain flanking positions at all times. Should subject attempt to remove goggles without authorization, personnel are to immediately tranquilize the subject, replace the goggles, and take the subject back to her holding cell.

SCP-XXX is currently kept in Site-X

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a woman of Greek descent, age 37, 1.54 meters (5'4") tall and 56.69 Kg (125 lb), with black hair and grey eyes. Subject displays no unusual characteristics or biological needs, seeming to have the standard physiology of a human being to all tests and scans, with the exception of her eyes.

The sole unusual characteristic of SCP-XXX is her gaze; any organic entity within SCP-XXX's field of vision is rendered incapable of any kind of movement. They remain cognizant and are fully capable of perceiving the time elapsed while frozen, but are unable to move any part of their body visible to SCP-XXX. This appears to be able to effect any anatomy visible to SCP-XXX at any time, but does not apply to any other sensory input. Video footage doesn't carry the effect, whether SCP-XXX is on the viewing end or the input end, but any subject viewed through glass is affected as normal. Reflective surfaces have carried the effect to all subjects exposed to her view, up to the point where the subject could no longer be clearly discerned by SCP-XXX (Based on lighting and surface distortion.) Effect extends as far as subject's field of vision, and all analog methods of magnification (Compound telescopes, et cetera) extend the range of the effect.

Thus far, the subject, who answers to the name "Melissa [Classified]" has been cooperative with all tests, even those not aimed at curing her condition; she claims that her motivation for this co-operation has been gratitude and a desire to help. Subject has never attempted to circumvent the safeguards aimed at containing her ability, though she did request permission to remove her goggles when in private containment, which was granted.

Origin: Subject was initially discovered after reports of hikers being paralyzed and attacked outside of [Classified,] Greece. Subject assaulted the teams initially sent to investigate, using her unusual ability to debilitate field agents led by Agent [Classified] before nonlethally incapacitating them and escaping. Once target's vision had been identified as origin of the effect, target had left the area.

Target later contacted Agent [Classified] and turned herself over to Foundation custody, stating that she wished to be 'fixed.'

Note to Command staff: Subject has turned herself in to SCP voluntarily and co-operated to the fullest of her ability. It is my opinion, albeit unsolicited, that this sort of behavior needs to be rewarded. The more worthwhile we make it for those with conditions to come to us of their own volition, the more likely others are to do so. Just a thought

-Agent [Classified]

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