Grain Of Sand
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Item #: SCP-XXX (Second Draft draft)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX is to be kept in a room measuring 4X4X4 metres. Walls, ceiling and floor are to be made out of tungsten and wired to a generator capable of at least 100,000 kJ output. This generator is to be used only in event of attempted containment breach.

All walls, ceiling floor and door included must be at least 5 inches thick. Entry to containment is to be accompanied by security armed with M2A1-7 flamethrowers or other suitable heat dispensing armament; ordinary bullets should not be considered heat dispensing, no matter what calibre.

Subject is not to be removed from containment. Should SCP-XXX attempt containment breach, staff should activate generator wired to containment; the heat from the current acts as a sedative.

Description: SCP-XXX maintains it’s current form of a fully developed Caucasian male, roughly 44 years of age with a lean physique, clad in a the uniform of a security officer complete with truncheon. Eyes blue, hair black. Subject’s face is contorted in horror, mirroring [DATA EXPUNGED]. As of ██/██/██ this guise has developed various minor imperfections, namely; discolouration and loss of detail in the shoes, fingers becoming misshapen and elongated, irregular recession of hair line and loss of minute detail in the ‘clothing’. Staff are to be immediately notified of any further deterioration or deviation from this form.

SCP-XXX itself is a sentient figurine composed completely of wax, with the ability to mimic the guise of other beings and objects perfectly, down to minute detail. SCP-XXX displays the ability to shape wax at a molecular level in ways previously thought impossible, in one instance shaping the wax to display molecular properties similar to [DATA CORRUPT].

During it's repeated attempts at containment breach, it has shown itself very capable of intelligent thought, showing the ability to formulate new ideas, memorize and reproduce patterns, and has shown understanding of basic human psychology. No reasonable estimate of SCP-XXX's intelligence can be made at this time; subject has not responded to testing in any productive way since containment, excepting Interview-GXXX below

SCP-XXX is presumed mute; it cannot speak, not even to the effect of further disguise when it would be advantageous to do so. It is theorized that SCP-XXX’s guises are only skin deep, so to speak; whilst SCP-XXX is perfectly capable of taking the form of a bull elephant, it lacks the means to form the muscles that are anatomically correct, or capable of correct function. This prevents SCP XXX from adopting the otherwise inherent abilities of the form it chooses. SCP-XXX is thus only capable of producing muffled gurgles, excepting [DATA EXPUNGED]

Despite this, SCP-XXX still seems to possess a large amount of strength and speed, allowing it to overpower most human beings. In combat SCP-XXX will also use it’s shape shifting abilities to it’s advantage, allowing it to outmanoeuvre most foes. It's strength and speed will only deteriorate with an increase in heat. Since containment, subject has shown steady deterioration in strength and agility regardless of temperature. Subject has also shown an increasing aversion to light and all heat sources.

SCP-XXX exudes heat and has a thermal signature that will show on most infrared cameras; the thermal signature is consistent with a life form with an internal temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. SCP-XXX can exude heat of up to 3015 degrees Celsius whilst still maintaining some semblance or form, but only in focused bursts, and at great weakness to itself.

Before containment, SCP-XXX would seek out the nearest area populated by sentient lifeforms. Upon finding one, SCP-XXX would then display homicidal tendencies, striking seemingly at random, but always at 35 day intervals. It’s preferred kill method is asphyxiation, by forcing molten wax into the air passages of it’s prey. Where this was impossible it resorted to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Lack of forensic residue made SCP-XXX incredibly hard to track, and has only recently been captured following [DATA CORRUPT]

On Day 42 of containment, subject was forcibly restrained and interviewed. A transcript of the interview can be found here: [INTERVIEW]

Following on from the information retrieved from the interview, and given SCP-XXX's 35 day 'cycle', it was proposed that monthly D-Class terminations be partially diverted to help prevent future containment breach. Upon reaching the monthly termination limit, 5 D-Class personnel would [DATA EXPUNGED]. This idea is currently pending 0-5 approval.

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