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An example of SCP-2721-LYRE's artwork.

Item #: SCP-2721

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-2721's anomalous properties, little effort is necessary to ensure it will continue to be undetected by the people of Earth. SCP-2721's interference with the servers of Tumblr, Inc. is minimal at most and is currently being masked through usual protocols.

Suppression of SCP-2721 is to be maintained through strict application of Procedure 413-Diamond. If Procedure 413-Diamond is compromised and SCP-2721-LYRE begins to enact its original directives, the Foundation is to enact Protocol 1111-Scratch, which will include dissemination of suicide capsules to the general populace through respective government installations.

The content of SCP-2721-LYRE's blog, including all artwork produced for outside sources, are to be cataloged and stored in the databases of Site-73. The content of SCP-2721-LORD's blog and “ventblog” are to be cataloged and stored in the databases of Site-73 and are to also be thoroughly screened by Foundation psychologists in an attempt to ascertain its mental state.

All attempts to change the focus or amount of SCP-2721-LYRE's blog posts are to be treated as a containment breach. All figures who pose a threat to SCP-2721-LYRE's social standing in the Homestuck fan community are to be halted. Any attempts at “doxxing” or otherwise tracking down the true identity of SCP-2721-LYRE or SCP-2721-LORD are to be halted under any circumstances, lethal or otherwise.

Description: SCP-2721 is an anomalous satellite of indeterminate origin in a stable orbit around Earth. Utilizing currently unknown technology, SCP-2721 is able to hide itself in a pocket of theoretical “non-existence.” Due to this fact, tracking SCP-2721's point in space is difficult, though possible through thaumiel-level research granted from Project SIGHTSEE. Through application of this research, SCP-2721's physical shape is discernible. SCP-2721 is made of two distinct shapes connected by an umbilical cord-like object

Currently, it is unknown as to when SCP-2721 was created and how long it has been in orbit around planet Earth. While the physical make-up of SCP-2721 is hard to determine, it is theorized to be a technobiological weapon of some degree. Due to strong similarities to entities confirmed present during the theorized EB-class existence-altering scenario in Sector CGTG-612 and

Selections from SCP-2721-LYRE's blog

About Me!

my name is Lyris! i really like to draw, and i'm ooooold!!!!! you've probably seen my homestuck stuff. if you're here after reading some discourse post i wrote or something, i'm sorry to say that you're about to be in a world of disappointment. i normally try to stay away from getting toooo heavy on the issues anymore. i mostly just blog here to post my bad homestuck theories and talk to my friends! and art. art, too, i guess.

i'm a trans woman. i'm pretty shy, but not as shy as the love of my life, my moirail forever, Eli! Eli doesn't really post much. Eli uses it pronouns, and it doesn't really talk a lot. if you want to though you can follow its aesthetic blog @ [REDACTED]

please tag for typophobia, homophobia, transmisogyny, alien abductions and any mention or imagery associated w/ childbirth or menstruation (for dysphoria reasons [it's not just cuz i'm a grossed out misanthrope or something I promise]).


i'm not sure what else to put here. um, i love the Earth.

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