Author's Note: The following description is of low quality and may make your eyes bleed out. It is, as of now, meant to guide myself on rewriting the containment procedures and the SCP's actual description and is more of a giant footnote than something official. With that said, you have been warned.


Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained on-site at Site ██. Anyone not from the Foundation approaching the site's entrance from ███████ Road are to be turned away immediately. No containment procedures are necessary for anyone approaching the site from any other direction. Anyone entering or leaving the site must be subjected to a strip search before they can proceed. This procedure can be bypassed by O5. Recovery operations may be approved by two Level 4 researchers. Recovery operations may absolutely not take anything outside the landfill. This restriction can also be ignored by O5 order. Any operation on the landmass of SCP-XXX besides recovery operations must also be approved by an O5 member.

Description: SCP-XXX is a spacial and temporal anomaly that acts as a landfill for what appears to be countless objects, most of which have not been recovered or ascertained yet. Every object recovered thus far has been associated with an SCP entry. These materials do not appear to have their anomalous properties anymore, however most are indestructible within the landfill and lay next to each other in the refuse. Attempts to enter the landfill from anywhere other than the entrance point will result in a spacial anomaly where the subjects will cross the landfill without ever entering it. From within the anomalous landfill, the surface area of the landfill appears to be infinite. More testing is scheduled to ascertain the exact nature of this virtually infinite landfill. Expeditions to find an edge to this landfill have been met with failure after ██ tries, with the exception of [REDACTED].

Recovery Log:
#001: Pill Bottle
Associated Entry: 500
Description: Labels match the ones listed on SCP-500. Bottle has no pills inside.

#002: Reptile Skeleton
Associated Entry: 682
Description: Remains of a reptile-like creature. Skeletal structure is similar (but with some key differences) to SCP-682's current form. Current research is ongoing.

#003: A crate that says "DO NOT REOPEN" with [REDACTED]
Associated Entry: [REDACTED]
Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

#004: Plane Wreckage
Associated Entry: 616
Description: Crashed plane fragments of a prototype Boeing ███-███ (see SCP-616 for similarities).

#005: Broken Alarm Clock
Associated Entry: 1032
Description: Has only 1 arm stopped at 12 with two words written on said arm: "This Clock."

#006: Hair and Nail Bits
Associated Entry: 003
Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

#007: Front Panel
Associated Entry: 914
Description: Panel contains writing matching with the front of SCP-914 and its settings.

#008: Old Looking Key
Associated Entry: 005
Description: Testing done with on-site locking systems. Key fails to open any of them with each subsequent test.

#009: Graffiti Statue
Associated Entry: 173
Description: Topology is a match to 173, however it has been painted over several times with graffiti and various other works of art. Portions of its hands appear to have been broken off at one point.

#010: Distorted Shipping Container
Associated Entry: 728
Description: Upon discovery, this container was filled with an assortment of dirt, trash, and refuse. Shipping container is worn down from excessive use. Recovered text on the container is a partial match to 728's exterior, as well as [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum XXX-a: Resources

Since SCP-XXX is most likely infinite in surface area, it would be wise to look into the possibility of SCP-XXX serving as a source of infinite materials. Requesting permission to administer drilling and mining tests on the landfill.

Dr. ██████

Addendum XXX-b: Decision

Denied. You should know as well as I do that anything taken from the landfill which used to be part of another SCP at some point in the past or future would pose a serious risk of reactivating if it were to leave SCP-XXX's area.


Addendum XXX-c: Journal Entry

[work on missing researcher's journal entry here later]

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