Grey Bath mat WIP

Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- must be stored in a vacuum sealed container rectangular in shape, measuring 1 metre by 50 centimetres. The container must be composed of steel and be an inch thick.
SCP- must be laid flat inside the container and must never be allowed to come into contact with living organic material. The container is to be locked in a room of which personnel Level 2 and above are authorised to enter. SCP- can be handled with appropriate metal equipment such as tongs but personnel are advised not to wear gloves as they offer little protection against the dehydrating aura.

Description: SCP- is a grey bath mat measuring 86 centimetres long and 61 centimetres wide. Samples taken from SCP- have proven to show it is composed from cotton and bamboo split 50/50.
A blank label cut in half remains, it is unknown if the missing half contains information on the manufacturer or not. SCP- exhibits an ability to rapidly absorb moisture from organic material it comes into contact with SCP- was discovered after agents posing as police officers living in the county of █████████ United Kingdom were called to investigate the death of a 24 year old woman in her home.

Upon arrival the agents found the dessicated corpse of the civilian resting upon SCP- in the bathroom of her home. The operation was immediately taken under Foundation control after a police officer grazed SCP- with his finger which resulted in instant death of the appendage. The air around SCP- is reported to be void of moisture making breathing difficult, in addition subjects in close proximity to SCP- report increases in body temperature and thirst. Examination has proven that SCP- is not a living organism and is for all intents and purposes an inanimate object. How it absorbs moisture has not been discovered nor where the moisture is stored found. Samples removed from SCP-'s body do not appear to exhibit absorption qualities.

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