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Item #: SCP-1650

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1650 is kept at site-██. Ten Class-D personnel are to be present on site while SCP-1650 is dormant, with a security detail observing from a radius of 1km. While SCP-1650 is active, security must not interfere with neither Class-D personel nor SCP-1650. Due to morale issues, guards will be submited to psychiatric evaluation every three months and will be replaced if needed. When SCP-1650 is dormant, all bones on site must be transfered to research ███████ for processing.

No personel with working knowledge of the ████████ language is to be present on the facility. Violation of this rule will result in termination.

Description: SCP-1650 is a 1.6m high bronze statue resembling a Satyr. It can move at will but cannot communicate (see log 1650-4). To date, SCP-1650 has not taken any hostile action, even when threatened, hurt or contained for prolonged periods of time.

SCP-1650 operates in two discernible states:

  • When dormant, it will not move or attempt to control any living organisms. If wounded, SCP-1650 will regenerate at a rate of .1 sq/m per day.
  • While active, SCP-1650 will actively seek a group of ten humans.

When SCP-1650 finds a suitable group of people, the following ritual is repeated thirty eight times1.

  • Two of the subjects begin to mate2.
  • The subject that assumed the female role is restrained by the group.
  • A limb3 is drained of blood which is shared by the subjects.
  • The limb is severed4.
  • Severed limb is hung to the sun for three hours, then consumed by the subjects
  • Restrained subject is released.

During the ritual, SCP-1650 appears to experience intense pain. Any attempt to communicate with the subjects while SCP-1650 is active has proven unsuccessful.

The last subject to remain alive engraves the collection of thirty eight bones with runes in a language resembling ████████, after which the subject enters a catatonic state and dies of malnourishment after approximately two days. Only the femur and humerus of the subjects are used for engraving. After the ritual is complete, SCP-1650 remains dormant for a period of five to six months.

As of this writing 456 bones have been collected but no attempt to decipher the runes has been successful

Ethics Committee decision 1650-3 states that since the subjects do not feel pain, or seem conscious of their surroundings and actions, research on SCP-1650 can continue.


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