Item: SCP –
Object Class: Safe

Special containment procedures:
SCP - is to be contained within an iron safe. It must not be touched under any circumstances. If it becomes necessary to move the object for research assigned personal is advised to handle SCP - with an iron claw. It is strongly prohibited to bring it in contact with any organic or electrical matter as it “infects” whatever it touches and makes it go berserk.
In case of containment breach:
Case 1: If SCP – came in contact with organic matter.
Assigned personal is to be equipped with flamethrowers and has to burn the contaminated individual on sight. Other weapons have proven to be ineffective as infected individuals can ignore fatal wounds for several minutes and won’t stop moving until at least 35 minutes after braindeath.
Case 2: If SCP – came in contact with mechanical matter.
An EMP emitter has been installed in case for containment breach. Any machine capable of attacking or otherwise doing harm to human live will continue to do so as long as one of its circuits is still working. Therefore a controlled EMP wave is the most effective way of ending the threat. If containment breach is confirmed it is to be used without hesitation.

In both cases SCP – is to be returned to its safe with the equipment used for handling it.

Description: SCP – is a weapon that consists of two parts. It was developed by the weapon research department of the now defunct German DÜF – Division übernatürlicher Forschung (Division for supernatural research) in cooperation with the “Deutsches Ahnenerbe” and was to be used as a weapon during World War II.

SCP - -1 is a bipedal MOA (mobile offensive artillery) battlewalker controlled by a pilot. Despite of its name it was developed to handle any sort of ground battle.

It was specialized in:
- Quick set up of defensive as well as offensive artillery lines
- Tank support as well as tank repulse
- Destruction of enemy bases

Because of a disastrous incident in the final stages the development could not be finished and was not continued at any later time.
See Document -II
As of today the foundation is not in possession of SCP –

SCP - -2 appears to be an artificial energy source named Lärad. Its origin and productions procedure are undocumented.
The Lärad contains a sheer endless source of energy and has the possibility to transfer it to any organic or mechanical matter. The Lärad used for the Gungnir has the form of a sphere and is approximately 10cm in diameter.
Touching it however results in uncontrollable reactions similar to a permanently growing output of adrenalin which results in a state of absolute rage.
Human subjects lose any string to reality and enter a state of blind rage. If remaining exposed to SCP - -2 this condition grows even worse and eventually leads to the death of the subject because of exhaustion. Until then it remains extremely dangerous and is able to ignore otherwise fatal wounds.
Mashines show a similar effect. After developing a kind of pretense life it enters a state of rage and remains that way until completely destroyed.
Tests have shown that SCP - -2 possesses an own perception of sorts since exposed machines even without any means of audiovisual processing will act with astonishing accuracy.
This condition leaves the machine near to indestructible and it is able to run an indefinite amount of time since the Lärad provides a permanent flow of energy.
Therefore an EMP based attack is the most efficient way to destroy the electronics and thus stop the machine.
SCP - -2 was handed to the foundation by —-

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