Hairbrush Hands
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is contained inside of a Class C Humanoid Object Holding Cell at Site- ██. Object's containment cell is to be illuminated by four HID lamps at all times. All access is through a single security checkpoint equipped with one C5-Class Security Door. In the event of an electrical failure, access to object's holding cell is to be sealed until power is restored. In the event that the object's containment is breached during a power failure, Recall Procedure XXXX-3 is to be initiated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid entity of slender build standing at approximately nine feet tall. Object is clothed in what initially appears to be a voluminous cloak of dark fabric. Testing, however, suggests that said cloak is, in fact, the entity's skin. In the event of attempted removal of this cloak, SCP-XXXX enters a rage state, becoming highly hostile and inflicting deep lacerations with its' claws. The object's physical build appears to be non-indicative of its' actual strength; when in a rage state, SCP-XXXX is capable of breaking bones despite its' apparent lack of significant muscle mass. The object's head is visible, lacking any facial features, with the exception of a human nose. Object is bald.

SCP-XXXX's hands are blunt lengths of thick bone; spines extrude from the tip and sides of these spurs. When exposed to a compatible human subject, the object will move to them and begin to use its' claws to comb the subject's hair. The entity appears to derive sustenance from human skin cells, situating itself behind the target's head and inhaling dead dermal cells removed from the scalp during the grooming process. After approximately five minutes of grooming a subject, SCP-XXXX will cease grooming and ignore the subject. The entity will ignore humans who lack hair, or have recently bathed.

The object is normally docile and shows a lack of interest in any living beings aside from humans. Unless exposed to a compatible grooming subject, SCP-XXXX will simply remain standing against the wall of its' containment chamber.

When not grooming, SCP-XXXX shows an extreme aversion to darkness and will immediately attempt to reach the brightest source of light within a mile radius when exposed to darkness. If its' route is blocked, the entity will seek an alternate path. When left with no possible route to a light source, the entity will attempt to violently create a new route using its' club-like claws. However, due to the object's lack of body mass, it is susceptible to tranquilizers.

Exactly how SCP-XXXX is able to detect nearby light sources is unknown.

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