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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter (indicate which class)

Special Containment Procedures: Individuals affected by SCP-XXXX must report immediately to a class 4 or higher personnel member. All those who have been targeted by SCP-XXXX are to be kept under close surveillance at all times.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the form of a male soldier. All details- height, build, ethnicity, and uniform differ on each appearance. This apparently has no connection to the victim that has been targeted at the time.

SCP-XXXX will target an individual, seemingly at random. Said individual will for the first few days report seeing SCP-XXXX appear in their peripheral vision once or twice a day, always vanishing from sight when looked at directly. Phase two involves an increase in the intensity and frequency of the sightings, and some individuals reported having dreams of military service, regardless of whether or not the individual had actually served. Also, it is to be noted that foundation agents have recently been included in this.
Phase three begins when the individual begins hearing the phrase 'check your six' whenever a sighting of SCP-XXXX occurs. These sightings become less frequent but extremely vivid, often mimicing symptoms of PTSD.
Death usually occurs two or three days into phase three, due to either [REDACTED] (see test logs XXXX-XXYZ).
Phase four is extremely rare, occuring only twice, both times to foundation personnel placed under intensive care and protection.
Phase four-A resulted in the complete loss of identity of Dr. blackthisallouthere, who became incoherent and violently psychotic. He seemed to be repeating the phrase 'Check your six' in Japanese.
Phase four-B was unusual in that [REDACTED] implicating surgical expertise. This explains the [REDACTED] to the eyes of the victims who die in phase three.

Test log XXXX
Individual is caucasian male, 24, works at McDonalds, no military experience. Reported first seeing SCP-XXXX as… 'Maybe six feet tall, white.' Three days after first sighting entered Phase two. Was better able to describe SCP-XXXX, with uniform and insignia coinciding with the French Foreign Legion- specifically one [REDACTED]. Victim was transferred into Foundation custody shortly before entering Phase three. After the first sighting of SCP-XXXX, the individual backed up against a wall in an attempt to seek safety. This proved ineffective, as [REDACTED]. The individual's corpse was recovered, but was missing the spinal cord, intestines, and eyes, which appeared to have been removed from the back (in the case of the eyes, a hole was carved through the back of the skull and through the brain.). Bloodstains on the wall were noted, but none of the missing organs were every found [see log XXYZ]

Test log XXXY
Individual is D-24156, psychotic veteran in jail for repeated counts of aggravated assault and attempted murder. Reported sighting SCP-XXXX within three hours of being placed in his holding cell. Proceeded through Phases two and three rapidly, within four hours total. Eventually committed suicide with a note [REDACTED]. D-24156's mutilated corpse was recovered, sans eyes.
There was never any Private blackthisout who ever served with D-24156, and needless to say, suicide in such a manner is very rare. This was clearly another death caused directly by SCP-XXXX, but the reasons for the 'suicide' note are as of yet unknown. -Dr. Blackitout

Test log XXYZ
Agent Blackthisout after [DATA EXPUNGED], succesfully completed the mission before dropping out of contact. He was found two hours later wandering the town of [REDACTED]- eyeballs from all of SCP-XXXX's known victims and two additional pairs of unknown origin had been inserted in the back of his skull and at random points in his back. He died twenty-three minutes later due to internal bleeding. His corpse is being held for autopsy.

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