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SCP-XXX (powered down).

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe (Formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a standard climate controlled storage locker within Site-██'s secure storage. Backups of its original contents are to be kept on redundant hard drives stored separately in secure storage. Recreational use is expressly forbidden and requisition for research requires 05 clearance.
Note: Unless you're trying to figure out where it came from, there's no need for further testing of XXX. You can get one exactly the same on ████ for 20 bucks for god's sake. - 05-██

Description: SCP-XXX is a 1st generation █████ iPod personal mp3 player. Extensive testing has shown there is nothing extraordinary about the design, function or operation of the device, it is effectively identical to a standard player of the same make and model originally offered for retail sale in 2001. However, the foundation took possession of SCP-XXX in 19██.

Excerpt from Document SCP-XXX-D - Original Containment Protocols and Description

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a standard storage locker fitted with a standard household power outlet within Site-█'s secure storage. While not being used for research, object must be connected to power outlet with "hold" switch engaged. Requisition for research requires 05 Clearance.

Description: SCP-XXX is a small electronic device of unknown origin. The device is made up of 4 separate components -

  • The main component (hereafter referred to as Player) is 102mm x 62mm x 20mm and weighs 184 grams. A single piece of stamped, chromed stainless steel makes up the back and sides of the device. Inset into this stainless steel at the top of the device are two cable ports designed to accommodate the cables described below as well as a white plastic sliding switch marked "hold". Glued to the stainless steel structure is a white plastic faceplate inset with a circular rotating device with a circular plastic button attached flush at its centre and surrounded by four raised quarter-circular white plastic buttons, each with a small printed symbol or word at its centre. Above this circular assembly is a 38mm x 38mm rounded rectangular clear window, under which is a gray surface of unknown make up.
  • A 45cm length of cable (hereafter referred to as Earpieces), coated in white plastic terminating at one end in a 15mm stainless steel jack, similar in appearance to a standard TRS jack, although significantly smaller. The other end terminates at a rubber grommet, then splitting into two separate lengths of cable, similarly coated in white plastic, each terminating in small round earpieces ostensibly designed to fit comfortably in the concha of the ear, with the cable trailing between the tragus and anti tragus.
  • A 60cm length of cable (hereafter referred to as Power Cable), coated in white plastic, each end terminating in an identical jack of previously unknown configuration.
  • A white plastic box with rounded edges (hereafter referred to as "Power Supply"), 60x60x30mm, with the standard 2 vertical blades (Grounding pin is absent) for insertion into a general household power outlet projecting from its side and a cable port designed to accomodate one end of the Power Cable

When any one of the five buttons on the front of the device is depressed, or the circular rotating device is rotated, the gray surface activates, displaying symbols and text in English by unknown means. By manipulating the rotating device or a combination of the buttons, the user can choose from several options with differing effects.

The entry continues at length to describe the use and functions of XXX which should now be well known to anyone who has used a personal mp3 player. Original recovery logs are still of significant interest, however, since focus on XXX has changed from properties and operation to origin.

Excerpt from Document SCP-XXX-D - Original Containment Protocols and Description

Recovery Log: SCP-XXX was found among the personal effects of an unidentifiable vagrant, stabbed to death by another vagrant outside [REDACTED] Bar and Restaurant in [REDACTED] on July 7th, 19██. Foundation agents posing as Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation were dispatched to take over the investigation after a transcript of the killer's interrogation was intercepted. Agents successfully recovered XXX, terminated original investigators and detained killer for further interrogation.

10 hour battery life, recharges in 3 hours
holds 1000 songs
Either end of the cable fits firmly into the left port on top of the main object. The opposite end of the cable can be inserted into the "power box" and plugged into any power outlet to recharge the main object's power supply.

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An unopened pack of SCP-XXX.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXX is the collective designation for a cardboard carton, originally holding 12 individually wrapped packages, each originally containing 12 foil-wrapped sticks of chewing gum. At the time of recovery, the outer carton was unopened and all packages were intact, totalling 144 sticks of gum.

The packaging of both the outer carton and each inner package is worn and faded, some showing water and stacking damage. As a result of this degradation, most of the printing is unintelligible. Some comparably well preserved packages reveal only a single recognisable phrase - "Doublemint", printed across each package. Of the 4 packages on which this phrase is discernible, the phrase appears in the same position in English, Russian, Greek and Farsi. All other printing is considered unreadable due to degradation or appears as untranslatable collections of recognised letters and linguistic symbols.

Aside from perfect preservation (unexpected given their apparent age and poor storage conditions), when first chewed SCP-XXX appears and behaves like normal chewing gum. Its flavour is described as very faint and stale but not unpleasant, like regular, mint-flavored gum after an extended period of chewing. After 24 hours of chewing (constant, or time accrued over several chewing sessions), flavour appears to suddenly intensify, becoming significantly sweeter and mintier.

As soon as this initial flavour change occurs, chewer begins to exhibit behavior consistent with chemical addiction to SCP-XXX, initially appearing similar to mild addictions commonly associated with caffeine or nicotine (withdrawal headaches, irritability, predictable routine of use, self justification).

At each passing of these "Intensity Periods", flavor intensity of SCP-XXX doubles and subject's exhibition of addiction symptoms increases until an accrued period of 14 days chewing has been completed, at which point flavor intensity remains stable indefinitely. Addiction also stabilises at this point. If unable to chew SCP-XXX, subject almost immediately displays intense physical reactions including fever, vomiting, severe insomnia, seizures, intense muscle cramps and a condition related to opiate withdrawal symptom known as "Itchy Blood" - dermal irritation causing compulsive scratching resulting in open sores. Subject will also display extreme behavior in order to continue chewing from pleading and bargaining to violence and self-harm.

Despite intensity of withdrawal symptoms, subjects seem completely healthy if allowed to continue to chew SCP-XXX and all withdrawal symptoms are negated upon resumed chewing but no positive drug like-effects except relief are expressed. Subjects are aware and regretful of any negative actions undertaken while withdrawn. Some subjects express an increased level of energy or concentration after several days of chewing and after the maximum flavor intensity has been reach, subjects appear to function effectively on severely reduced sleep.

Working Notes
I wanna briefly outline recovery and elaborate with a recovery log. The idea is that a low level SCP researcher discovered the carton at a deceased estate auction and being an expert in biological decomposistion and an enthusiastic linguist was fascinated by both the perfect preservation of the gum and the strange printing. He adopted it as a pet project, working on it in the Foundation's Labs on his downtime without really intending to research it as a possible SCP. After running myriad tests on a single stick and detirmining it was safe, his curiosity got the better of him and he gave it a try. He became engrossed in his work and pulled an all nighter, all the while chewing the gum. At the magical 24 hour mark the flavor punched him in the face and the plot thickened. I guess after he recognises the addictive properties he brings it to the foundation's attention, then he's isolated and studied and after he's cool when he's chewing so they let him back to work and he's eating a sandwich one day and he swallows the gum and tries to puke it up and poop it out but he cant and he tries to break into secure storage where the rest of the pieces are kept and the guards have to shoot him.

Most of that would be conveyed in a separate recovery/research log with only a few lines in the main article like "SCP-XXX was purchased privately by level 2 researcher Dr H████████ who, after some personal study inadvertently became afflicted with SCP-XXX's addictive properties and brought it to the Foundation's attention. The Doctor was able to continue to assist on XXX's research while chewing until accidentally ingesting his sample. Unable to retrieve it, [Data Expunged] resulting in the Doctor's termination by site ██ security."

Do you think it'd work? It's something of a jokey article but I don't think it deserves a -j

At the moment it feels a bit long winded and I can't get the right voice.

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SCP-### in human host blood.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No less than four(4) Mustelus antarcticus infected with SCP-XXX are to be kept in a locked, reinforced plexiglass tank measuring 3m x 3m x 2m. Tank specifications and maintenance, feeding schedule and general care are otherwise standard for keeping large, salt water fish.

Biopsies are to be taken weekly and monitored for presence and possible mutation of SCP-XXX.

Upon death of a host or lack of SCP-XXX in a biopsy, host is to be immediately incinerated and a new Mustelus antarcticus is to be introduced to the tank after being infected with SCP-XXX.

Isolated samples of SCP-XXX are also to be kept in locked frozen storage.

Description: SCP-XXX is a species of parasitic protazoa that uses Humans as an intermediate host. SCP-XXX is suspected to have mutated from ██████████-█████, a parasite found in sharks and other carnivorous fish farmed for human consumption.

SCP-XXX's life cycle, when transferred from fish host to fish host acts indistinguishably from ██████████-█████, however, when infected, uncooked tissue is ingested by a human, the life cycle is described below:

Stage one: Infected cyst is ingested by human host. Cyst releases parasite cells into digestive system.
Stage two: Parasite cells penetrate gut lining and infest bloodstream, invading blood cells and multiplying.
Stage three: Parasite cells form cysts in brain, liver and muscle tissue.

When infection progresses to stage three, human host displays mild paranoia, irritability and slight, various personality changes as well as severe aversion to fresh water. Stage three outward symptoms will last for approximately one week before subsiding, at which point the cysts break down and the parasite is considered benign.

If the host comes within close proximity to a large body of salt water (proximity is estimated at average range from which the host can smell the salt water) during stage three of infection, host is compelled to enter the water. Compulsion is described as "mild, but persistent". When coming in contact with salt water, host will begin to bleed from mouth, nose, ears, eyes and anus. Host will continue to swim until exsanguination.

SCP-XXX was first brought to the Foundation's attention after a series of incidents in █████, a small coastal fishing town in Australia. Within a space of 3 weeks in September 19██, 6 individuals were reported missing after strange behaviour. Finally a local fisheries worker was seen, fully clothed, deliberately running into the waves at a popular surf beach. Only minutes later he was spotted by a surfer, floating face down more than half a mile from shore. When lifeguards were dispatched, the victim was found in a section of the water richly mixed with his blood, although no trauma was evident.

An SCP Team was dispatched, retrieving the body. Upon performing an autopsy, Drs █████ and ████████ found the victim had be drained of almost exactly half of his blood supply. They also discovered several cysts in the victim's brain and liver. When studied, the cysts revealed SCP-XXX, which Dr ████████, having a background in parasitology, identified as ██████████-█████. The team then traced the infection from the local Japanese restaurant to [REDACTED] Fish Farm. After finding sharks infested with SCP-XXX at the facility and acquiring several samples for study, all existing fish were incinerated and employees [DATA EXPUNGED].

Since these events, no other cases of SCP-XXX infection have been recorded.

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