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SCP-[] in its container.


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP - [] is to be kept in a locked box with an airtight seal. The cap of SCP - [] must be tightly sealed before storage to prevent any spillage of the liquid. It is currently located at the [REDACTED] low security facility. Do not attempt any liquid transfer.

Description: SCP - [] is by all appearances an ordinary bottle of mouthwash. It contains a translucent fluid of aquamarine colour with a density almost identical to water, containing 0.01% alcohol and trace amounts of mercury, caesium and iodine. The bottle is formed of a sturdy plastic polymer. The word "Linguol" is carved into the base of the bottle - it is otherwise unmarked. The fluid has been noted to taste fruity, with a strong undertone of menthol. The liquid displays no anomalous properties - aside from an extremely low boiling point, unless it comes into contact with the mouth of a human. No effects were produced when injected directly into the blood.
These subjects, hereafter named SCP - [] - B undergo effects lasting from just minutes to hours. The subject will find themselves unable to speak or understand any language they are fluent in, instead speaking in a language mostly or entirely unknown to them - this is the only correlation that has been found between the languages produced. The subject is unaware that they are speaking anything but their intended language. No fluency is retained from the effects of SCP - [] . SCP -[] has produced a total of 7 languages over eight tests. They are as follows:

  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Russian
  • Xhosa (Gcleka dialect)
  • An unidentified dead language, consisting mostly of clicks and guttural noises (observed twice).
  • Hysteric screaming and gibbering (See log []-2)

Acquisition Log: SCP - [] was retrieved from a suburban home in New Hampshire. Agents were summoned to the location after an emergency call due to a man's inability to speak anything but Russian. The man claimed he had never travelled to Russia and had no contact with the language, other than briefly working with a Russian client in his office. His wife believed that he was having a stroke and claimed he began this behaviour after brushing his teeth while preparing for work. SCP - [] was then taken from the subject's bathroom, and his family were administered a class C amnesiac. The bottle contained just under 0.75 litres of SCP - [] at the time of acquisition.

Testing Procedure: The subject should wash their mouth with 15ml of the liquid for roughly 20 seconds and then spit it out. The subject is likely to complain of a numb tongue or a tingling sensation in their mouth; effects are usually observed three minutes after this. The subject should then be conversed with until their linguistic skills return to normal. This conversation should be recorded and a transcription should be produced.
Currently, 0.25L of fluid remains.

Test Log []-2
Test []-2 was performed upon Nikolaj [], a European and African translator who boasts knowledge of over seventy languages. When standard testing occurred, Mr. [] found himself utterly unable to speak, aside from groaning. Mr. [] was unable to understand any of the 70 languages he claims fluency in. Upon this point, researchers improvised by produced groans of their own. This greatly unnerved Mr. []. He began gibbering and screaming, seemingly incredibly perturbed by this communication. No more dialogue was produced. However, his screams did not stop.

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