Haunted Ass Gun

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances should any personnel come into direct skin contact with SCP-949, nor should anyone attempt to dismantle, clean, upgrade, or destroy the SCP without proper authorization and oversight from Doctor Richardson.

SCP-XXX is to be contained within a locked mahogany case, inside of a solid steel safe six days out of the week, then cleaned once weekly by D-Class personnel with proper safety equipment and security oversight.

SCP-XXX should be regularly checked for ammunition and any and all changes should be noted and filed.

SCP-XXX is a Colt M1892 revolver with a wood grip. It has been relatively well maintained, with the metal of the gun showing some nicks and scratches from the Incident-XXX-042.
SCP-XXX appears to generate ammunition independently, despite regularly emptying of the cylinder.

The serial number has been filed away, and on the right side of the barrel, the numbers 9:6 have been filed in, suggesting that the weapon was custom made or altered for someone in the past. SCP-XXX's weight is larger than normal for guns of the make. Investigation has not yet determined the reason for this, but is still ongoing.'

The gun has a polished steel finish, a hair trigger and a mahogany grip

The effects of the weapon are as follows.


Seven D-Class personnel were locked inside of the chamber with the weapon, sitting on a small table in the center of the room. Each was given explicit instructions to obtain the weapon and use it on the others, in return for a reduced sentence. After a brief struggle, D-049 obtained the weapon, shooting and killing D-50 and 51 within thirty seconds. The other personnel attempted to wrestle the weapon free from the man, only for the gun to go off two more times, causing 52 and 53 to expire. Upon attempting to flee, the remaining D-class personnel other than 49 were shot, leaving the gun empty.

Despite this, one minute after the lost shot was fired, a loud register of the weapon was recorded, with D049 falling dead almost instantly.

An autopsy on 049 was unable to find the bullet that punctured his right femoral artery.

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