Hawkins' Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be placed in a room 30m x 30m with a twin-sized bed and a small, bed-side table and chair. Any other furnishings are to be approved on an individual basis. XXXX is to be fed three times a day from a list of meals personally approved by XXXX, "To make things easier on both parties involved. "

XXXX has so far requested:

- A computer with internet access (denied)
- Personal gaming system (denied)
- At least 8 hours of supervised internet access per day (denied)
- A notebook with several pencils (approved)
- Over 50 different books, mostly by science fiction and fantasy authors (approved)
- At most 6 hours of supervised internet access per day (denied)
- A new computer without internet access (denied)
- Personal MP3 player with requested playlist (denied)
- Radio (approved)
- At most 2 hours of supervised internet access per day (denied)
- 1 hour per week of supervised internet access (denied)
"For the last time, no. No matter how many times you change your deal we aren't going to give you internet access. I don't care how 'addicted' you are. No, not even if we're watching you to see what you're doing. Just. Stop. Asking."- Dr. █████
- An old computer with "at least access to Microsoft Word" (approved)
- "Here. It's ten years old and it can only really play solitaire and minesweeper. Now hopefully you'll stop bugging the staff, already." - Dr. █████


SCP-XXXX is a Caucasian male 25 years of age. XXXX is 1.8m height, and 58.9 kg in weight. XXXX is rather intelligent, having an IQ of over 135, and spends most of his time writing things in his journal or typing up his "Magnum Opus", [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-XXXX prefers to be called "Scott", and has been known to refuse answering to his SCP Number at times. XXXX has been known to be rather short-tempered, especially in respect to his work. He has been known to be unable to take criticism of his work, which has caused difficulties for his caretakers because of the low quality of his output.

SCP-XXXX is a normal human being in all but one respect: XXXX is capable of telling when someone is telling him a lie. This ability extends to feelings: "Scott" can detect if someone is attempting to hide his/her anger at him. This greatly complicates any and all dealings with him, since as earlier stated the SCP cannot take criticism of his writings, so anyone asked what they think about his writing will have to avoid saying anything about it because false praise is easily detected.


SCP-XXXX was found in the custody of █████ on ██/██/██ after █████ casino reported a man who had an unusually high win percentage playing the card game █████. The Foundation became suspicious after SCP-XXXX was reported to be able to detect if someone was bluffing nearly 100% of the time, but had no apparent signs of cheating. After a brief struggle, SCP-XXXX was taken into the Foundation where he remains.

Document XXXX-1: Testing of XXXX's lie detection ability

Test 1

Procedure: One (1) Foundation Researcher given a series of flash cards with various numbers on them. SCP-XXXX at no point allowed to see the numbers written on cards. Researcher proceeds to either lie about the number on the card or reveal the number.
Result: Lies detected 100% of the time.

Test 2
Procedure: One (1) Foundation Researcher given a series of flash cards with various numbers on them. Researcher in entirely separate room as SCP-XXXX and communicates using monitor in SCP-XXXX's cell. Researcher proceeds to either lie about the number on the card or reveal the number.
Result: Lies detected 100% of the time.

Test 3

Procedure: Several D-Class Personnel is given a statement to relay to SCP-XXXX on a subject that that he/she has been determined to have no prior knowledge of. Statement is either true or false, and the Personnel is instructed to give the statement exactly as told.
Result: SCP-XXXX unable to determine which are true statements and which are false beyond what should be expected of a person with his intelligence and background.

Comments: It appears that SCP-XXXX is only able to determine whether or not he is being actively lied to, not whether a statement is 'true' or 'false' in the objective sense. -Dr. █████


<Begin Log>
Dr. █████: Good morning, SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX: I told you, my name is Scott. Why can't you just refer to me by name already?

Dr. █████: Okay, then, "Scott". You've been a problem SCP for us for quite a while. I would like to remind you that we can easily get rid of you at any moment.

SCP-XXXX: Am I in danger of being de-commissioned any time soon?

Dr. █████: *pause* I am not at liberty to reveal that information.
SCP-XXXX: Nice evasion, there. Hey, that reminds me, can you finally give me internet access?

Dr. █████: Foundation policy dictates that under practically no circumstances is internet access to ever be given to an SCP.
SCP-XXXX: *sulks*. Even if you watch what I'm doing?
Dr. █████: No
SCP-XXXX: Hey, have you read the book I'm writing?
Dr. █████: Yes.
SCP-XXXX: Do you like it? Do you think it could be published? I promise I didn't put any coded references to the Foundation in there. You can get your cryptographers to check it yourselves.
Dr. █████: I am not at liberty to say anything regarding your book
SCP-XXXX: Only someone who hated my book would make an evasion like that! You do hate my book, don't you?!? Well, who cares what you think?!? You probably don't even like science fiction! That's it. Once I find someone who likes the genre, then I'll probably get some positive feedback. All I have do is find a science fiction fan to publish the book for me and I can finally make a name for myself.
Dr. █████: Please control yourself, SCP-XXXX. I still have more questions for you.
SCP-XXXX: This interview is over! I'm going back to my room to make some changes to my magnum opus, which is obviously far too intellectual for you, "doctor". *storms off*.
<End Log>

**Addendum XXXX-1: ** Because of SCP-XXXX's offended reactions to criticism and the inability of Foundation staff to avoid saying something to avoid offending him, it is recommended to find people who genuinely like SCP-XXXX's stories. Yes, I believe it may just be possible that someone out there likes his work. Tw████ found an audience, didn't it? - 05-█.

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