A Refugee & Her Helicopter

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXX-1, SCP-XXX-2, and SCP-XXX-2-e have been stored in Site 19’s High Value Item Storage Facility and require no special containment

SCP-XXX-1-a is to be provided with a standard Human containment cell with amenities commensurate with behavior. Requests for any media, including book, television, films, magazines, or electronics produced after 1945 are to be denied. Under no circumstances is SCP-XXX-1-a permitted to know the location of any additional instances of SCP-XXX-1 or SCP-XXX-1-a; under no circumstances is SCP-XXX-1-a to be permitted to know the existence of SCP-XXX-3.

The remains of SCP-XXX-2-a through d are stored in Biological Materials Storage Units XXX-2-a through XXX-2-d.


SCP-XXX-1 and SCP-XXX-2 are the remaining parts of a two identical vehicles resembling a Bell UH-1 Iroquois, or “Huey,” helicopter. Much of the internal workings of SCP-XXX-1 and SCP-XXX-2 are distinct from the inner workings of the UH-1, including an internal combustion engine designed to operate on ethanol. The vehicle itself appears to have been manufactured as part of a larger production line, although it appears many additions and modifications were made to its interior prior to its destruction. It is presumed these modifications were designed and made by SCP-XXX-1-a’s previous associates. Testing of these modifications is difficult, as they were extensively damaged in the crash, and SCP-XXX-1-a claims to be ignorant to their original configuration or mechanism.

SCP-XXX-1-a is a human female, approximately 35 years of age, with greying brown hair, tanned skin, several scars resulting from her crash-landing in SCP-XXX-1 (including facial burns), and an abdominal scar that appears to be from a cesarean section. Subject is approximately 1.5 meters tall and weighs approximately 65 kg. While the subject has been exceedingly hostile toward all attempts at communication in the past, the subject has grown more tractable over her term of confinement.

SCP-XXX-2-a through d are the remains of other humans who were discovered in SCP-XXX-2 and were killed in Incident XXX-Z24-Alpha.

SCP-XXX-2-e is a small, primitive nuclear warhead. The warhead has been disarmed by the Foundation and was found to be almost entirely ordinary with the exception of its origin.

Recovery Log:

SCP-XXX-1-a was discovered in critical condition amongst the wreckage of SCP-XXX-1, which crash-landed in a small suburban neighborhood near La Jolla, California, USA on March 9th, 1997. Initial response teams were local ambulance, fire, and police. The subject was initially taken to Thornton Hospital, where she was placed in an ICU following operations to remove shrapnel. During her recovery, she repeatedly refused to divulge any information about herself or SCP-XXX-1 to doctors or police. The unusual nature of the interior, and the lack of recognizable identifiers on SCP-XXX-1, brought the crash to the attention of the Foundation. SCP-XXX-1-a was released by the local authorities into Foundation custody on March 17th, 1997. The wreckage of SCP-XXX-1 was removed to Site [YY] for reconstruction and further investigation.

Addendum XXX-1: As SCP-XXX-1-a is hostile to all Foundation staff, and perceived to be a very low threat, it was deemed cost-effective to house her in solitary confinement in a minimally furnished room until such time as she became willing to cooperate with the Foundation in ascertaining her origin and the origin of SCP-XXX-1.

Addendum SCP-XXX-2: After approximately 3 months of solitary confinement, SCP-XXX-1-a proved much more willing to assist the Foundation’s research into SCP-XXX-1. Interview follows.

Addendum XXX-3: On of March 9th, 20[BLOCK][BLOCK], an additional instance of SCP-XXX-1 was discovered in [REDACTED], California, USA by MTF Zeta-24. Its designation is SCP-XXX-2. Four additional armed humans, dubbed SCP-XXX-2-a through SCP-XXX-2-d were recovered from the craft; these instances proved hostile to the point of self-termination upon the point of capture. Instance SCP-XXX-2-c attempted to activate SCP-XXX-3 and was terminated by MTF Zeta-24.

Addendum XXX-4: Additional components obtained from SCP-XXX-2 have resulted in a more complete picture of the function of SCP-XXX-1’s mechanisms and original design. The device referred to by SCP-XXX-1-a in interviews as “the Dove” has proved to be a [REDACTED] that is theorized to enable the pilot to [REDACTED] through means of [REDACTED]; however, research teams have been unable to completely reconstruct the device from parts obtained thus far.

Addendum XXX-5: While the escape risk for SCP-XXX-1-a is low, and the likelihood of the subject liberating, repairing, and utilizing SCP-XXX-1 or SCP-XXX-2 is even lower, SCP-XXX-1-a must be kept ignorant of location and status of SCP-XXX-1 and SCP-XXX-2. SCP-XXX-1-a must also be kept ignorant of the existence of SCP-XXX-2-a through d, particularly SCP-XXX-2-c, who, according to DNA tests, shares mitochondrial DNA with SCP-XXX-1-a.

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