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CURRENT STAFF: Echo, Eskobar, Nusquam, Scantron, Roget, Dexanote

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Finishing up: see "Total Update" at the bottom.


Okay, last night (7/12) we had a lengthy guide getting-rid-of session in the Hellbutt channel. Individuals present were Eskobar, TroyL, Moose, Scantron, Roget, and I think somebody else who I'm forgetting. Moose has logs of the session if you want them.

Our conclusion was that we would have two sections, essays (defined approximately as "a document designed to discuss the nuances of a topic or topics"; these are to be kept on the Foundation Tales page and tagged as such) and guides (defined approximately as "a document designed specifically to instruct the reader on the use of a particular concept of writing"; these are to be kept on a guide hub currently under construction.) Many guides would be deleted or compiled into more useful or comprehensive documents. What remained would be divided into official/mandatory guides and unofficial guides.

Official guides means the current mandatory reading:

Unofficial guides means the following documents that are directly useful in explaining some component of SCP writing in particular, but have no reason to be mandatory; shortened versions of these are included in the mandatory guides, but these are kept as informative expansions of this information.

  • Doing The Safety Dance
  • Zen And The Art Of [DATA REDACTED]
  • Technical Words
  • Technical Writing and You
  • Expert Witnesses (retagged as "hub" and "guide")
  • About the SCP Foundation
  • The Big List of Overdone SCP Cliches (I think this was what we decided?)

The following have been classified as "essays" and moved:

  • Classified And You
  • Cliches And You: An Educational Film
  • Conservation Of WTF, or Why Does the Rabbit Need Two Brains?
  • Dr. Mackenzie's Documentation Tips
  • Random But Useful
  • Rules of Thumb
  • So You Want to Write a Humanoid SCP Object
  • The Foundation And Evil
  • The test log you have dialed cannot be reached at this time… (Yoric's -J guide)
  • Understanding Memetics

The following are going to be either removed or replaced in some fashion by a larger or more comprehensive guide:

  • Safe/Euclid/Keter/Neutralized/SCP Object Classes - -> being compiled into a single tabbed document by Roget
  • Serpent's Hand/MC&D - -> to be deleted by TroyL, relevant information to be added to the GoI page
  • Chat Guide/Realtime Chat - -> as mentioned above, compiled into a single Chat Guide
  • The Guide to Guides - -> to be moved off-site until updated to reflect the changes to the guides, brought back if we see fit
  • Hornby's Audio Guide - -> to be moved off-site
  • Security Clearance Levels/Secure Facilities Locations/Task Forces - ->…I think we said we were going to merge these? Ask Troy for details.

Anybody who was there last night, feel free to correct or add to this if I forgot or miswrote something.


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