Hello Kitty Ball

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-NNN is to be kept inside at least one half (0.5) meter of shock-dampening foam inside of a steel container. SCP-NNN is to be transported gently on a spring-suspended cart to minimize jolting or shaking.

Description: SCP-NNN is a pink “Hello Kitty” brand “bouncy ball” with a radius of two (2) centimeters. Slightly elastic to the touch, when at rest SCP-NNN exhibits no obvious characteristics to differentiate it from a mundane “bouncy ball” of the same variety.

When thrown by a human subject, SCP-NNN paradoxically increases in momentum with each bounce, often reaching supersonic velocities in five to ten minutes from even a gentle toss. SCP-NNN is strongly attracted to humans and is able to bounce at angles that defy the conventional physics of elastic collisions to bounce towards any human subjects in the room. As the “bouncy ball” is capable of reaching extreme velocities, the experience is most often fatal to the humans involved. Death due to blunt force trauma or complete perforation is nearly inevitable. After a period of twenty to thirty minutes, the ball will slow down and eventually stop.

Recent observations suggest that SCP-NNN may be directly inimical to human life, and perhaps capable of limited sentience (see Experiment Log).

SCP-NNN was recovered from a toy store in XXXXXX, Vermont. Foundation personnel responded to reports of a “mass slaughter” to find twelve corpses on the scene, all of which showed signs of extreme violence. SCP-NNN was identified as the culprit when Agent XXXX absent-mindedly kicked it into a wall.

Investigation of the use of SCP-NNN as a power source has proven to be less than cost-effective.

Experiment Log:

Experiment NNN-a
Class-D subject threw SCP-NNN against the wall of a testing chamber. SCP-NNN rebounded repeatedly into subject’s face until subject expired due to a shattered skull. SCP-NNN became quiescent and was gently returned to containment.

Experiment NNN-b
Class-D subject threw SCP-NNN against the wall of a testing chamber while Doctor XXXXXX was present. SCP-NNN bounced between two walls until extreme velocity was achieved, and then proceeded to strike both the researcher and the subject with sufficient force to completely penetrate and shatter the rib cadge and the skull, respectively. SCP-NNN bounced in place on Doctor XXXXXX’s body for several minutes before becoming quiescent.

Experiment NNN-c
Class-D subject threw SCP-NNN against the wall of a testing chamber. SCP-NNN immediately rebounded into subject’s open mouth and proceeded to bounce inside of subjects abdominal cavity before forcibly expelling itself from subject’s abdomen. SCP-NNN continued to bounce between subject’s body and the wall for several minutes, spelling out the phrase “HA HA” in the subject’s blood.

Experiment NNN-d
Class-D subject threw SCP-NNN against the wall of a testing chamber. Subject was repeatedly perforated by the ball, which then proceeded to spell out “I WIN HA HA” in blood against the wall.

Experiment NNN-e
A Rhesus monkey was placed in a containment chamber with SCP-NNN. The monkey played with the ball, which showed no abnormal characteristics for a period of ten minutes. A Class-D subject was sent in to retrieve SCP-NNN. The ball bounced through the subject's left eye and into his brain, before spelling out the words "FUK U" in the subject's blood on the wall.

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