High-Fat Headphones


Image: Headphones of a similar style produced by another company.

Special Containment Procedures: [s]Object is to be kept in Site-XX storage. Researchers with Level-4 clearance or higher, or approval from Dr. XXXX, may check SCP-XXX out for testing.[/s] Object is to be kept under armed guard by no fewer than X personnel at Site-XX following event XXX-0X. See related incident log for more information. Object is not to be removed for any reason without O5 approval. {Needs revision of current containment procedure.}

Description: Item is an apparently normal set of over-ear headphones produced by the XXXX company. Though XXXX is a well-known maker of headphones in Russia, no other headphones produced by the company bear the same model designation as SCP-XXX {cliche?} When the headphones are used with any audio device {reword} to play a song{how does it define song?}, their anomalous properties are manifested. {necessary?} The headphones will play the instruments of any song as normal, but will change the singer's voice (if present.) If the track played does not have a singer or is not recognized as a song by the headphones, the audio produced will have no anomalous properties. However, if a voice is detected in a song, the output audio has the same voice singing different lyrics to the same tune. The lyrics, though always in Russian, are not consistent and will change to fit the tune they are played over, save for one verse which usually appears halfway through the song. If a listener hears this verse as a whole, regardless of their knowledge of the Russian language, the listener will immediately [DATA EXPUNGED] and temporary deafness. This deafness subsides after a few minutes, at which point subject will hear all voices as though translated into Russian. If the subject does not know Russian, they will not understand anything spoken to them. Generally, this will cause the subject great distress (they are still able to speak, but report not being able to understand their own words,) unless the subject speaks Russian, in which case there is definite surprise but little distress at their apparent inability to speak any other language (regardless of actual capability.)

{State stages of effect?}

Approximately 24 hours after initial exposure to the verse, the subject's body will begin to swell with fat in a fairly uniform manner. This growth is concentrated in the abdomen, shoulders and upper arms, and thighs initially, though the hands and face begin to swell shortly after. This swelling continues over the course of the next X days, with subjects gaining a minimum XXX% of their weight in fat in the {adjective} region {discuss size?}, with additional food intake increasing this number. All food eaten quickly metabolizes into pure fat. All subjects report a constant hunger and great pain until their lips are too swollen to speak and their hands too swollen to write. The source of this fat tissue and how the skin is able to stretch so far to support it is unknown.

Once the swelling stops, no further outward effects are visible. Knowledge of the rest of the verse's effects has been gained through the autopsies of subjects who have progressed to this stage. All of the organs in the subject's abdomen will begin to rot and dissolve, with the rest of the veins throughout the subject's body soon following. This process leaves the swollen region hollow, save for fat. Nerves are dissolved last, leaving only the brain, skin, fat, muscle tissue, bones, cartilage, and eyes of the subject intact. Though the subject should be dead by any measure at this time, the eyes still move and react to stimulus and brain activity is still detectable. It is presumed that the subject can feel all of the effects of the process up until this point. {Possibly dissolve bones/muscle into fat but leave subject alive?} The subject continues to show signs of life until killed by an outside factor. Upon death, the subject's body will begin to rot and dissolve at a greatly accelerated rate, until not even chemical traces of the corpse remain. This process takes about X minutes, depending on final size of corpse.

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