The Flat Mouth

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SCP-1729 before containment

Item #: SCP-1729

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1729 is to be kept in a standard steel containment chamber, with a double door. It is strictly prohibited to keep both doors open at the same time.
Only D-class and level 5 security clearance personnel, equipped with a full steel armor, are allowed to enter the room until further knowledge of SCP-1729's behaviour. It is advised not to touch the walls or the floor of the room with anything other than the required steel armor.
[OUTDATED: cf Addendum 1729-A]

Update ██/██/████: SCP-1729 is currently kept in a standard, 15x15x15 meters steel containment chamber. To its roof is hung a reversed, semi-spherical, 6-meter radius hollow steel container, resembling a diving bell. The bell is suspended 4 meters above the floor by a steel anchor chain.
Unless equipped with steel gloves, every non-D-class personnel desiring to enter SCP-1729's room has to be extremely careful not to come in contact with the bell or SCP-1729 in any way.
In the event that, upon entering the room, SCP-1729 is found moving on its surface instead of the bell, the door is to be closed immediately, no matter the circumstances or whoever is inside.
Should SCP-1729 flee its room nonetheless, it is strongly advised for every personnel nearby to run as fast as possible in the direction opposite of that which leads to SCP-1729.

Description: SCP-1729 appears to be a two-dimensional white shark jaw. Besides its teeth and gingiva, no other body parts of SCP-1729 seem to be existing.
SCP-1729 can be seen crawling against any solid surfaces [OUTDATED: cf. Addendum 1729-A], but cannot come off them to move through air or other gasses. It completely ignores liquids and stays attached to solid materials at all times.
However, SCP-1729 can move through supposedly all non-steel solids, including organic substances such as bodies. While doing so, every molecule of said solid passing through SCP-1729 is immediately digested and regurgitated. The means used for the digestion are currently unknown, SCP-1729 showing no existence of a digestive tract.

Addendum 1729-A:

As of ██/██/████, it has been stated that SCP-1729 is, in fact, incapable of moving on non-flat, too complex steel surfaces, such as chains or armors. This discovery has permitted a much safer containment protocol, and thus allowed O5-██ to reclassify SCP-1729 as an Euclid.

Dr. H████ X██████


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