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Item #: SCP - XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP - XXXX must be kept bound with chains to a titanium rod within a large, open space, with more than 2.5 meters distance from any sort of lift-able object or person. 4 guards with high-caliber fire arms but be present at all times. Guards may take breaks but a replacement must be ready before they leave. Indicators of distance must be marked on the flooring showing measurements in meters. Only certain personnel are allowed to communicate with the subject. Do not, at any cost, allow anyone to go within a 2 meter radius of the specimen. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to go within 2 meters of it but do not immediately perish must be castrated in order to prevent breeding. A piano must be kept nearby along with sheet music to Moonlight Sonata. SCP - XXXX does not seem to expel feces or urine, so cleanup of any kind is not necessary.

Description: SCP - XXXX is a humanoid female in appearance. The only defining features that differentiate it from a normal human are two small protruding bones from its skull. Its fringe covers its face most of the time, rendering its face un-readable of any emotion. However, personnel who have gone dangerously close to the subject have reportedly seen a single eye from behind the subject’s hair, staring at them, daring them to take another step.

The dangers it shows to humanity were surfaced when it was first found in [REDACTED] when nearly every person who was within 2 meters of it instantly died. Most of them were sliced in half, as if by a huge blade. Some had just their heads cut off, while some more fortunate individuals simply lost a leg, or an arm. Most firearms were ineffective, as the bullets would seemingly bounce away from the subject. It took a high-caliber rifle to incapacitate it long enough to be temporarily disabled. It is as vulnerable to drugs and other forms of intoxication as normal humans are.
During a containment breach, Dr. Harris ██████ had been confronted by the subject. He was not murdered, but instead after meeting Harris, the subject walked back to its cell and asked to be chained back up. This confused ██████ and everyone else present at the time. A couple months later, ██████’s child whom he had recently seen in an ultrasound had the same external horn-like bones on the skull that the subject has. His wife died during child-birth. 6 years later, Harris was arrested for killing his child. The child had apparently killed one of Harris’ friends, in the same fashion the subject. “It was as if a bomb exploded in ██████’s chest.” said ██████. Harris has since been let go. The subject has an unknown way of infecting humans, forcing them to create human/specimen hybrids. Since the incident, any scientists who had not died while within the effective radius of the subject are promptly castrated to prevent the specimen from breeding.
In the event that the subject becomes agitated, it will begin screaming. When in this emotional state, its effective radius slowly becomes larger. In order to quench its rage, one must play a certain song on the piano kept in the room, nearby the subject. The song that must be played is Moonlight Sonata, composed by Beethoven. In rare cases, the subject begins to hum the song as it is being played. Once the song is played three times, one must quietly leave the chamber.
█████ ████████ suggested using the subject’s radius of death against SCP – 682. When SCP – 682 was forced into the subject’s effective radius, the subject didn’t do anything to SCP – 682. SCP - 682 stood there staring at the subject for 5 hours until SCP – 682 turned around and tried climbing on the walls. This suggests that the subject does not attack animals. This was later proved when a live goat was brought in and forced into the subject’s effective radius. The goat was not decapitated; instead, it seemed to have an interest with the subject, even nudging the subject’s leg with its head.

Addendum XXXX-A: Portion of a recorded transcript with the subject.
████████: “Have you spoken with any humans before we discovered you?”
SCP - XXXX: (Silence)
████████: “Have you spoken with any humans before we discovered you?”
SCP - XXXX: (A small grunt)
████████: “Speak up.”
SCP - XXXX: “A little boy.”
████████: “Tell me, what became of this little boy?”
SCP - XXXX: “He died. I killed him.”
████████: “… because…?”
SCP - XXXX: “… because he reminded me of my bother.”
████████: “Oh, so you had a sibling, did you?”
SCP - XXXX: “Yes. I killed him too.”
████████: “Why do you kill people?”
SCP - XXXX: “They are not like animals. Animals are natural. Humans are not.”
████████: “If humans aren’t natural, then what does that make you?”
SCP - XXXX: (Silence) “Intervention.”
████: “Don’t tell me it’s religious.”
████████: “Shut up, ████.”
████: “Next it’s gonna say it’s an angel of god, sent down from the heavens to purify this tainted Earth. Give me a break.”
SCP - XXXX: (Low throaty groan)
████████: God damn it. See, I told you to shut your ass. Now we gotta get Mr. Music Man to shut her up before she ███ the whole room up.
Closing Statement: It began screaming. It couldn't understand what ████ was saying, thinking it was a threat. ████████ got in there and played Moonlight Sonata three times to calm her down.

Addendum XXXX-B: Breaches with SCP - XXXX:
First occurrence, ██-██-████: Handled by ████████ ██, ████ ██████, Dr. Harris ██████, ████ █████████ (KIA)

Note: The method to which the subject kills its victims is unclear. Perhaps it uses some form of psychic abilities to separate the particles of flesh and bones, simulating the slicing effect.

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