His'n'Hers Underwear
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB are to be stored in a 1x1 meter containment safe in sealed packaging. Access to SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB is permitted to all personnel of level 1 and above for approved testing. Personnel under level 2 must be supervised while testing SCP-XXXA and/or SCP-XXXB.

SCP-XXXA and SPC-XXXB are to be replaced in their containment safe after use. It is requested that all testing recipients wash and dry both specimens in the facility laundry before both using and returning them.

Description: SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB are two separate pairs of cotton undergarments; SCP-XXXA is a pair of size 15 men's y-front briefs, coloured blue. SCP-XXXB is a pair of size 13 women's panties, coloured pink. Both specimens were acquired from the wreckage of a WalMart that was destroyed in a blaze circa 19██. The packaging appears as a standard underwear package with the name "His'n'Hers" printed on the front accompanied by the smiling faces of a man and a women. Due to the shape and volume of the packaging, it is suspected that more specimens of SCP-XXX exist.

SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB, when worn, have peculiar effects on different genders. SCP-XXXA - when worn by a male - appears to increase testosterone levels, increase muscle development and decrease learning capacity. Inversely, SCP-XXXB, when worn by females, increases oestrogen levels, increases fat build up around the breasts, thighs and buttocks and increases learning capacity. Both of these effects persist for as long as a day after SCP-XXXA or SCP-XXXB have been removed from their wearers.

Although the most interesting effect of SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB is what occurs when they are worn by the opposite gender that they are designed for:

SCP-XXXA, when worn by a female, causes a severe decrease in oestrogen levels and hosts will exhibit physical changes. Specifically, a hosts breasts, general body shape and genitals will begin to "shrink" and change. The clitoris of a female wearer will begin to develop further and the ovaries will descend and change. After one week of continued use, a female will have a masculine body shape, genitals and behaviour changes. Whilst the host's memories and personality will remain apparently unchanged, they will effectively be transformed from female to male.

The same effect in reverse can be observed when SCP-XXXB is worn by a male recipient. After a week of continued use, the host will become biologically female.

If the specimens are continually worn after a successful transformation, then they will exhibit the same properties as when worn on their appropriate gendered hosts. There have been multiple successful instances of SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB being used to turn a recipient from male to female and back once again to male over the course of 2 weeks. The recipient - Agent ██████ - reports no abnormal affects after this duration.

If one of the specimens is worn by the gender they are not designed for and removed before the one week process is complete, all development will begin to reverse itself until the host is once more in their original state. However, if removed after the 1 week process, the host will stay the gender they have been switched to.

In experiment R67890076-1, Agent ████ was instructed to put both SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB over the top of one another at the same time. Over the course of 1 week, Agent ████ stated that she felt mild discomfort, consistent bouts of nausea and periodic mood swings. At the end of the 1 week period, Agent ████ was rendered a hermaphrodite with both male and female genitalia and physical aspects. Upon request, Agent ████ used SCP-XXXB to successful become female once again after the experiment was over.

In experiment R67890076-2, two agents (Codenamed Agent: Mother and Agent: Father) volunteered to wear each specimen respectively and switch their genders. Agent: Mother went from male to female whereas Agent: Father went from female to male. Upon successful transformation, a sperm sample from Agent: Father was used to impregnate Agent: Mother.

The pregnancy was a success and a child was born after the standard pregnancy time frame. The child showed no ill effects or abnormalities on birth or during development in Agent: Mother's womb.

After the experiment, both Agent: Mother and Agent: Father utilised SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB to regain their original genders and now care for their child off-site. They are required to submit monthly status reports of both themselves and the child as years go on. So far, no anomalies have reportedly arisen from the experiment.

Material and sample analysis dictates that both SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB are constructed of simple cotton fabric. No abnormalities have been detected in the material, research is ongoing. The material both specimens are constructed of can apparently be destroyed and damaged in the same manner as other cotton fabric products.

It is also noted that washing SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB with a veriety of different techniques and compounds has not affected their gender changing or hormonal abilities.

Addendum XXX-11-01: Upon request, Agent ███████ was granted approval to use SCP-XXXB to change his gender from male to female for personal reasons under the condition that they submit monthly status reports after use. So far, Agent ███████ has reported no abnormalities to daily living that can be attributed to SCP-XXXB.

Addendum XXX-11-02: Requests to test SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB on selected, non-human SCP specimens is currently under consideration. Details will be recorded if a proposal for one of these experiments is approved.

Addendum XXX-11-03: After incident XXX-567-G, in which SCP-XXXA and SCP-XXXB were taken from storage without authorisation and used for what shall now be referred to only as "shenanigans". The containment safe for SPC-XXXA and SCP-XXXB is to be kept locked at all times. Agents ███, ██████ and ██████ have all been disciplined for the event.

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