Home Sweet Home
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Item #: SCP-1146

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of yet, all attempts to relocate SCP-1146 have failed. Supports and other structurally integral pieces, although appearing to be made out of average materials (wood/steel/etc.), Cannot be broken or cut. Approval is pending on the construction of a new facility to contain SCP-1146.

Description: SCP-1146 appears to be a mid-size, slightly run-down home in █████████, MN. Nothing remarkable has been noted of the exterior of the home, looking like nothing more than a recently abandoned building. The interior, when looking from the outside, seems as empty and old as the rest of the house. However, based on the small amount of information extracted from Dr. ██████ the house looks as if it was still occupied, clean, filled with furniture, and lights on.

Agent Rayes, the only person beside Dr. ██████ to have escaped SCP-1146, claims that what he experienced is far different from what Dr. ██████ had. This suggests that only one person is directly affected by SCP-1146 “illusions”. It has yet to be determined what causes this to occur.

SCP-1146-1 is described as a woman who appears to be around the age of 36, that seems to welcome the guests into the home. Although, according to Agent Rayes, SCP1146-1 has a more grotesque appearance than those affected by SCP-1146. Her clothes are worn and tattered, stained with dirt and blood, and her empty eye sockets. It appears that the people see the house as clean and neat, are the only ones that SCP-1146-1 will acknowledge the existence of. If any person attempts to disrupt her, or the subjects affected, SCP-1146-1 will let out a loud wailing sound, which also breaks whatever hold SCP-1146 has on them, before attacking at random by either strangling or breaking the spine of the victim.

A request by Agent Rayes has been put in to lead a team inside SCP-1146, in hopes of getting the remains of ███ from inside.
Request is pending approval, the information provided in Agent Rayes' interview is under review and will be taken into account should the request be accepted.

Audio Log 1146-1

Interviewed: Dr. ██████

Interviewer: Dr. Garrison

Foreword: Dr. ██████’s account on what occurred inside SCP-1146

<Begin Log>

Dr. Garrison: Can you please describe what the interior looked like?

Dr. ██████: Yeah, from the window it looks like what you would expect from an old house, dust, cobwebs and the like. But when I opened the door and walked in, it was as if people still lived there. There was no evidence that it was abandoned. I looked out the window, and it was bright and sunny, despite it having been cloudy and starting to rain just prior to me entering.
Dr. Garrison Alright, what happened while you were inside?

Dr. ██████ I saw a woman, looked to be in her mid 30’s maybe. She seemed very welcoming, offering me and my colleagues something to eat. I was skeptical, but thought it couldn’t hurt to go along for now, maybe let the others examine the house while I kept the woman busy.

Dr. Garrison Did you’re colleagues see the woman as well?

Dr. ██████ Yeah, but evidently they didn’t see her as I did. When I turned to tell them to continue to explore the home, they all looked like they had seen a ghost. I didn’t see what the problem was, so I told Rayes, the only one who seemed to have any composure at this point, to try and snap the others out of their stupor and get to work.

Dr. Garrison What happened then?

Dr. ██████ [Shudders] Well, I… I sat down to eat the food that this woman had laid out on the table. Rayes came and tried to talk me out of eating it, said I didn't know what it was. I didn’t understand why he was trying so hard to keep me from eating it. I dismissed him and went to take a bite… [Dr. ██████ appears to gag at this point] Sorry about that.

Dr. Garrison: It’s alright, take your time. We understand you have not been with us for too long, and that this has been hard on you.

Dr. ██████: [Pauses for second, taking deep breaths] As soon as I went to take a bite, Rayes turned and hit me across the face, not enough to really hurt, but enough to get my attention. Before I knew it there was this inhuman wailing sound, then me and Rayes were knocked to the ground. As I looked up, the whole interior had changed, and the women had too. [Dr. ██████ shudders again and closes his eyes] I’m sorry, but I can’t say anymore… I just can’t.

Dr. Garrison: That’s fine, we will reschedule this when you are willing to finish your account.

Dr. ██████: Thank you.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. ██████ seems to be rehabilitated, but still refuses to talk about the incident, becoming extremely withdrawn and sullen when asked about anything relating to it. Please keep a close watch on him to prevent any suicidal tendencies he might develop.

Audio Log 1146-2

Interviewed: Agent Rayes

Interviewer: Dr. Garrison

Foreword: Agent Rayes' Account of the incident inside SCP1146

<begin log>

Dr. Garrison: Would you please describe what the inside of the building looked like?

Rayes: It just looked like an old house. Dusty, spiderwebs everywhere, creaky floors, that sort of thing.

Dr. Garrison: According to Dr. ██████, the interior looked as if it was still occupied.

Rayes: Yeah, that's how he acted, as if he had just walked into an average house.

Dr. Garrison: Did you see the woman as well?

Rayes: Ohh yes I did, that crazy old bitch nearly broke mine and the Doc's necks! We only got out cause she decided to choke ████████ instead of just snapping his spine like poor ███!

Dr. Garrison: What did she look like to you?

Rayes: Like a 40 year old woman who had been stabbed a bunch, buried for 10 years, and then brought back to life. Covered in dirt and blood, grayish skin, no eyes. [Rayes gives a small shudder at this point] Man was she creepy.

Dr. Garrison: What about the food? Why had you stopped Dr. ██████ from eating it?

Rayes: Aside from the fact that it was served by a psychotic undead old broad? [Small chuckle] Well it wasn't cookies and milk like Doc thought it was. The glass was filled with blood, and the plate was stacked with gory chunks of what I'm guessing were the poor fucks who last wandered in to the place.

Dr. Garrison: Thank you, is there anything more you would like to add?

Rayes: Yeah, I better get that approval now. I've worked with ███ since I started working here, I'm not going to let him become another meal for some other sap who goes in there.

Dr. Garrison: I understand, I will speak to the others about it once we have gone over the information you have given us. You will have your approval within a week.

<end log>

Closing Statement: Agent Rayes has been narrow-minded since this incident, wanting to go back to get ███'s body from within. Do not let him deal with any other SCP's until he has recovered, his attitude could allow lapses in his judgement, and we cannot have another breach like Site-██.

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