Homo Idiogenesis
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX's enclosure should be secured remotely from a site no less than two hundred (200) meters distant, and fenced at the outer perimeter of this radial distance. Automatic stationary sentry devices using nonlethal and lethal back-up munitions are to monitor this area; observe FIF badge protocol.

SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell and fed one (1) or more times daily, with any humanly-digestible plant matter of roughly three (3) kg per day. No weapons are permitted in the containment enclosure aside from the tranquilizers on the remote-operated devices. Under no circumstances should entities with telepathic, psychic, memetic SCP objects or anything infected by them, or significant SCP Foundation information storage/memory-bearing entities be allowed within the SCP-XXXX compound's outer perimeter. Refer to Protocol XXXX-17 on any matter that brings this into question.

During experimentation, the enclosure's adjoined room should be furnished with items within reason ["reason" must always be determined at the remote security and monitoring station] requested by test subjects, who should undergo psychiatric and polygraphic testing upon their introduction and departure from the facility. Internet accessing and long-distance communication devices are prohibited in SCP-XXXX's detached compound, but internet material may be obtained and transmitted to the enclosure through a monitor of at least Level 2 clearance at the remote station.

The test subject(s) residing in SCP-XXXX's enclosure should if possible be well-educated or intelligent, but no SCP personnel of clearance Level 2 or higher are to be allowed within the outer perimeter of the SCP-XXXX compound due to [DATA EXPUNGED] unless their past and allowable future involvement with other SCP programs has been limited by the criteria in Protocol XXXX-17.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a bald male humanoid of ashen complexion, 2 meters in height and 81 kilograms in weight. Its genotype is closely related to Homo Sapiens Sapiens; we have more genetic material in common with SCP-XXXX than H. erectus [motions to classify it taxonomically as "Homo Idiogenesis" have been noted]. SCP-XXXX's cranium is 0.38 meters tall from the jawbone [close to twice the average height of human skulls]. Physiological differences from humankind include most visibly the heightened position of the eye sockets in the elongated cranium, and the X-ray scan-observed bone-encased structure suspended within the brain, which contains a lattice of refined metals. Electroencephalographic studies of SCP-XXXX suggest that the creature is in a shallow coma. Due to the unusual nature of its brain and the artificial structures within, deep brain stimulation and other procedures to "wake it up" are not being considered at this time.

SCP-XXXX displays little conscious intelligence, and does not verbally communicate, although medical scans have confirmed the presence of approximately human linguistic structures in its throat and brain. It does not react physically to pain or hunger, aside from projecting mnemonic and behavioral imprints upon those in its vicinity, such as attempting to force them to stop the experiment and assist in its well-being, injure themselves, enter a catatonic state, or have odd but transient beliefs and suspicions. SCP-XXXX does not sit or sleep of its own will [although those states can be forcefully or chemically imposed upon it] and suffers no observed deleterious effects from constant sleeplessness.

SCP-XXXX is known to be able to learn from the memories of humans in its vicinity to at least the distance of seventy-five (75) meters. It is known to be able to imprint this information on others; one successful test subject who had no distinguished background in engineering or nuclear physics [but like others was allowed to download large amounts of non-classified information on vaguely related subjects] was found during his psychiatric review to be able to draw up intricate blueprints for a [DATA EXPUNGED] which could render extant designs obsolete by an increase in plasma containment functions and a reduction in size. He was later reassigned to an R&D team in [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-XXXX's lasting memory imprints are chaotic and sometimes psychologically damaging. However, the benefit to the SCP Foundation and humanity thus far outweighs the drawbacks, even when one factors in the costs of counseling and treatment by practitioners who have been read in on cognitohazardous SCPs. Research project leaders see Addendum 11 for information on screening candidates for SCP-XXXX proximity.

History: Obtained by Mobile Task Force Alpha-2 from psychiatric institution [DATA EXPUNGED] in 200█ after SCP Foundation front "Sanity, Cognition, and Perspective" was contacted concerning the possible transfer of an unusual patient, who was described as both functional and catatonic. This contradiction and other anomalies in the description of the patient [SCP-XXXX] indicated that the patient may have psychic influence over its caretakers.

The earliest confirmed record of SCP-XXXX's existence was made by authorities of [EXPUNGED] in 199█, where it was apprehended while walking down state highway ██. In later Foundation investigative inquiries, the officers directly involved in its initial capture claimed that they "just knew [they] had to pick him up and take him to a psychiatric ward;" its later transfers happened in a similar manner, as it progressed through numerous facilities through chains of staff who were convinced that it belonged elsewhere. This information suggests that SCP-XXXX may desire Foundation protection, as no Foundation staff in its area of influence have attempted to persuade administration that it should be transferred or released.

None of the people in contact with SCP-XXXX during its time in psychiatric care noted its differences from normal human physiology, which were first detected when its appearance as described by MTF-A2 was compared to a review of the camera footage from MTF-A2's containment vehicle. Since that time, no SCP personnel have perceived it as human in appearance.

It is thought that no reports of anomalous bloodwork on SCP-XXXX existed to facilitate earlier Foundation discovery of SCP-XXXX due to its observed ability to convince researchers to draw and submit their own blood in place of its own.

Experiment File XXXX-3

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