Host13 Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX are at this moment stored at sector-28
they are available to level three and four personnel. They do not need to be guarded so heavily, only two or three guards will do. They should be stored in a [Data Expunged]. They cannot be taken out of the [Data Expunged] without the proper authorization, under orders of possible termination. They must be fed at least one host per group every cycle.

Found in the far off swampy region of █████ after rumors of [Data Expunged]. By 19██ all the leeches had been transferred to a secure location.

SCP-XXX are not one item, they are in act a colony of leeches have evolved in such a way that they do not kill their host right away. Instead they have special suckers that [Data Expunged]. fusing the leeches with the host making the leeches themselves an extra heart for the host, filtering blood out, and in some cases it acts as an extra lung holding oxygen for the host when needed. Until it [Data Expunged] at the end of each cycle, killing the host by [Data Expunged] in less than 12 hours.

XXX weighs about [Data Expunged] pounds and are 6-8 inches long. Generally a murky green, XXX will then turn a bloody red. When dissected they showed to have no brain at all, and a special mechanism were it [Data Expunged] from blood and oxygen. It usually forms groups of 13. And procreates, every [Data Expunged] this and [Data Expunged] are reasons to consider it an Euclid class SCP.

Under no circumstances should personnel fuse themselves with SCP-XXX if they have not been authorized to. Personnel that have been given permission must contemplate [Data Expunged] and possible [Data Expunged] as stated in the interview with Dr.████

Requests to use XXX on SCP-███ and other SCP's still pending

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