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The following is a selected inventory of volumes recovered from SCP-XXX:

Title: The Gospel of Eve
Author: (none)
Language: Aramaic, circa 1100 BCE–200 CE
Depth of recovery: 75m
Description: A section of Biblical Apocrypha purporting to be an account of Eve's life after her exile from The Garden of Eden. Trans-genedered issues are obliquely alluded to.

Title: Intangible Herecies
Author:Carina Giusti
Language: Italian, modern
Depth of recovery:2,318m
Description:A book of prose poems reminiscent of Italo Calvino's style, though influenced by Magical Realism. The foreword introduces the work as having won the Noble Prize for Obstinance.

Title: The Worm of Midnight
Author:Edgar Allen Poe
Language: English, modern
Depth of recovery:433m
Description:A hitherto unknown collection of short stories. An alert researcher recognized this fictitious work as being mentioned but not elaborated on in "The man who collected Poe" by Robert Bloch. All the stories concern shellfish.

Title: Je suis moi-même la question de mon livre (trans: I am myself the matter of my book)
Author:Pierre de Langitaire
Language: French, middle.
Depth of recovery:17,888m
Description:Similar in style and subject matter to Essaies (trans: Attempts) by Montaigne: a collection of a large number of short subjective treatments of various topics inspired by studies in the classics (especially Plutarch), as well as discursions into the autobiographical and anecdotal. Makes heavy use of the future passive infinitive.

Title: The need for legalized abortion
Language: English, modern
Depth of recovery:28,111m
Description: A polemic on the moral, medical, and societal costs of illegal abortion. Makes the case that abortion should be permitted through to the fourth trimester.

Title: Choix des Poésies originales des Troubadours (trans: Selection of original poetry of Troubadours)
Language: French, modern
Depth of recovery:40,002m
Description: A fictitious collection of poetry consistent with the style of Rimbaud. Written completely without the letter 'u'.

Title: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Author:Hawthorne Abendsen
Language: English, modern
Depth of recovery:77m
Description: A novel concerning an alternate world where the United States won WWII (but not in a manner consistent with our history), appearing to be written from the point of view of an author living in a world where the Nazi's prevailed. A search of 20th century fiction has uncovered this to be an imaginary work mentioned in the novel The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. Dick himself appears in thinly veiled form as a tympanist.

Title: I, Lucifer
Author: Antoine Pierce
Language: English, modern
Depth of recovery:51,200m
Description: A "pulp" novel centering around the sex lives of a circle of lesbians and their children.

Title: Jane's Fighting Ships
Author: various
Language: English, modern
Depth of recovery:89,484m
Description: A reference on the changing capabilities of modern navies, their ships, aircraft and weapons systems in service and under construction. Many of the vessels and weapon systems are wholly unknown. Written in limerick form.

Title: Charm for the Protection of a Child
Author: (none)
Language: Egyptian, 8th Dynasty circa 1950 BCE-1300 BCE
Depth of recovery:2m
Description: An account of the development of religion and thought in Ancient Egypt. Much of the subject remains a matter of conjecture as much of it remains untranslated. Includes parables comparing the well-lived life to the Ford Motor Corporation.

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