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[Book of Regrets]

Item #: SCP-XX1

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX1 is to be contained in a standard quality lock box measuring 32cm x 25cm x 15cm in the low value storage vaults of Item Storage Site-23. Any personnel wishing to make use of SCP-XX1 must submit form CB-5521 and Liability Waiver XX-445 to the Head Researcher in charge of SCP-XX1. A high resolution digital camera will be kept on hand in the designated testing area for the express purpose of recording the text of SCP-XX1, and all footage will be stored and archived on server QR-12 for immediate review.

Description: SCP-XX1 is a leather bound journal measuring 30 cm in length, 20cm in width, and 13cm in heigth. The word Journal is embossed on the front cover of SCP-XX1 in gold lettering. The chemical and physical make up of SCP-XX1 reveals that the cover is made from bovine leather and that the pages are made from average grade paper. SCP-XX1's anomalous properties begin to manifest when it is handled by a sentient being, hereafter refered to as the subject. The embossing on the front cover changes to include the subject's name and the pages inside SCP-XX1 fill with hand written text in a journal format. The text inside SCP-XX1 has been scientifically proven to match the hand writing of the subject, and will be written in their native tongue and in their usual style of writing. The entries contained within SCP-XX1 will begin on the date of the subject's birth, and will record every incidence in the subject's life that the subject has felt regret for. When tested with remote controlled manipulators or robotic drones SCP-XX1 display's blank pages and the embossing on the front cover does not change.

The last entry contained within SCP-XX1 will have the current date, and will always have the same text, regardless of the writing style of subject.

"I found this book today, but I dont like it. All it talks about is stuff that I did that I regret. I wish I had never found this stupid thing!"

Addendum: As of today, ALL text resulting from the usage of SCP-XX1 will be photographed and stored digitally. Incident 113679H might have been prevented if the text from Dr Hodgin's usage had been documented and reviewed. - Dr. Blonketyse, Head Researcher for SCP-XX1

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