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Rare image of SCP-XXX as it lands

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a medium sized aircraft hangar 45 meters by 65 meters by 15 meters. The hangar is located approximately 18 miles outside of the city of ███████, New York. SCP-xxx’s container will be converted to accommodate an adult grizzly bear by placing trees, rocks, bushes, and other flora commonly found in a subarctic boreal forest. A portion of the floor is to broken up and filled in with water to create an artificial pond and river system for feeding and cleaning. The hangar itself is to be made of reinforced concrete with an airlock system for researcher access. All research that doesn’t require SCP-XXX to be present will be conducted offsite to minimize potential risk to personnel.

Description: SCP-XXX is a bear belonging to the species Ursus horribillis SCP-XXX is smaller than an average grizzly of the same age. SCP-XXX, is 230 pounds and 5 and a half feet tall. The bear, nicknamed Abe by researchers (see addendum XXX-01), is seemingly a normal grizzly bear.

Occasionally SCP-XXX will find an open area and run in a straight line, jumping once it gains anywhere between 27 and 34 MPH. Once in the air SCP-XXX will continue to run, peddling its legs in the air; as long as SCP-XXX continues to run it will stay airborne. SCP-XXX has been recorded to reach heights of 22 meters and speeds of up to 41 MPH while descending. The cause of this ability is currently being researched but as of yet there are no significant leads. SCP-XXX apparently enjoys flying and seems to do it for no reason other than fun. Even when threatened SCP-XXX reacts similar to a normal grizzly bear, roaring and imposing itself physically. When in flight SCP-XXX exhibits extremely docile behavior, becoming much more playful and relaxed.

Apparently it’s become enough of a problem that I’m required to remind all personnel of the rules of research concerning SCP-XXX. Please refer to Addendum XXX-02 for a list.

SCP-XXX was reported by a concerned farmer who spotted the bear flying over his land. MTF Peel-50 (aka Farm Boys) was called to the spot to validate and recover SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX was sedated and recovered without incident when it landed several miles from the location where it was first spotted. The farmer that made the discovery was administered a Class D amnesiac because it was the only recorded time that SCP-XXX was witnessed by a civilian.

Addendum XXX-01: The following is a conversation that was recorded by security. It takes place between two researches and a custodian at approximately 03:00 on ██-██-████.

Addendum XXX-02: All researchers involved with SCP-XXX must be reminded of the following:

  • SCP-XXX is not to be ridden under any circumstances regardless of whether or not it is for research purposes.
  • SCP-XXX is not be fed by hand by anyone other than D-class, and only then for research purposes and during scheduled feeding times.
  • SCP-XXX is to referred to as SCP-XXX and nothing else
  • SCP-XXX does not “just need a hug sometimes”
  • SCP-XXX is not to be approached during mating season, it will attempt to mount you, and you will not like that.
  • SCP-XXX is still a grizzly bear and is to be treated as such.
  • The phrase “Don’t poke the bear” applies to SCP-XXX
  • SCP-XXX is not to be taken outside of its containment area even if it is “on a leash”.
  • Saying that you need to clean SCP-XXX’s cage is not a valid reason for entering its containment area. The forest is self-sufficient and will clean itself.

Disobeying any of these rules will result in a punishment based on severity of broken rule.

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