Inside the computer

Item #: SCP-1681

Object Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: A copy of the software is to be kept on a dual-layer DVD labeled Inside the computer . The DVD is to be stored in a special DVD case made of titanium

Description: SCP-1681 is a modified version of a software called Dev&Dex developed by Josh Stanley on 9th April, 2005. The software is written in C code and released for Windows and Linux under GPL licensing. It was initially a set of C++ and Java cross-compilers . On 21st March, 2009 a heavily modified Win32.Trojan virus struck a local computer in Zurich, Switzerland which had Dev&Dex installed. The software was altered into a malicious software which displays a message saying "Goodbye, World" and then transforming the user into data and storing it on the hard drive. This form is to be called SCP-1681-1. While the program is open, SCP-1681-1 can interact with the outside world through text output. Upon program exit, SCP-1681-1 is completely destroyed.

Document #1681-Log01: Recorded transcript of conversation with one instance of SCP-1681-1:

Dr. █████ : Are you still there, Mark?

SCP-1681-1(Mark) : Yes… I… I am confused.

Dr. █████ : Can you be more specific?

Mark : This world is strange… I can see binary code flying everywhere. I hear strange clicking noises echoing around… I am in a folder named "EncMemCode". Please, get me out of here.

Dr. █████ : Are you sure that's its name?

Mark : Yes. It is…

Dr. █████ : Then I'll try to move you to a remote location and then get rid of this software.

Mark : Please, do it quickly! The Trojans are coming! They are going to delete me. I haven't g……..

Dr. █████ : Mark? Mark! Are you there? Mark!!!

SCP-1681 : Mark is dead… You are next, haha!

The computer did not record any other activity after SCP-1681's interaction with Dr. █████ . Dr. █████ was pulled inside the computer and deleted.

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