Hybrid Spider
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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx specimens are to be kept in a low light and high humidity terrarium, 10m x 10m x 10m. In addition to the terrarium, it must include dense vegetation and water source as to simulate the environment of the rainforest. Special tinted glass panels can be integrated to the chamber to study the specimens from the outside. SCP-xxx specimens must be fed only twice a day (preferably rats) and not more. Before any SCP-xxx specimens can be taken out of the chamber, all lights in the terrarium have to be switched off for at least five (5) minutes.

Only foundation personnel and researchers, with security clearance level 2/xxx or higher, have access to the specimens. If any SCP-xxx specimens are outside of the terrarium, all personnel on-site must avoid performing sudden movements like running. All lights must be dimmed as much as possible before trying to handle the specimen.

All SCP-xxx specimens are currently being housed in Sector-07.

Description: SCP-xxx is a hybrid spider species named Large-bodied Diamond Spine Spider (Latroneutria amplumcorpus). SCP-xxx specimens derived from the hybridization of the Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus mactans) and the Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria fera).

L. amplumcorpus was discovered in the Amazon Rainforest after one of the foundation personnel was bitten by it during field work. The spider, as first described by the personnel, has a distinct spinal feature going down from the prosoma to the end of the abdomen. In addition, the spider had lethal venom that could kill an adult male in less than ████. The potency of the venom is observed first hand when the bitten personnel died [DATA EXPUNGED] after the incident.

Upon physical examination, the specimens have the features:

  • Long abdomen; prosoma about 2/3 of the length of the abdomen.
  • Fangs of 2 to █ inches in length.
  • Iridescent eyes.
  • Spinal feature is incredibly rigid.

Based on early observations, the specimens display:

  • Incredible agility.
    • Able to leap about 1.5 meters ahead and about one meter high.
  • Heightened senses.
    • Observed when specimen reacted violently when exposed to bright light.
    • In the absence of light, specimens navigate by sensing where vibrations are coming from and by sound.

Despite the fact that SCP-xxx specimens have heightened senses, it was later observed that they show signs of lethargy in the absence of light as well.

After several attempts in trying to create an antivenin from the spider, foundation researchers were unable to procure a pure sample1 without tainting it. Due to the potency of the venom, no matter the dosage, no animals survived the creation of the antivenin.

The cause of hybridization between this the two species are still unknown to foundation researchers due to the complexity of the genetic structure. The spiders are now currently being studied in the fields of its venom, complex genetic structure and possibly, the creation of other useful products that can be obtained from this one-of-a-kind hybrid.

Addendum xxx-1 (Audio Transcripts)

Audio Transcript 1 Extract (First attempt in creating an antivenin, 15 minutes after the first dose is introduced.)

Unknown Male : Doctor, the horse is acting strange.

Doctor █████ : They all do.

Unknown Male : Doctor, i think it's dying.

Doctor █████ : They won't. Now stop worrying.

Unknown Male : No, doctor! It is dying!

Doctor █████ : What? That's impossible! It shouldn't. [DATA EXPUNGED]


Doctor █████ : It's dead.


Audio Transcript 2 Extract (Autopsy of dead horse by Dr. ██████ ████, VMD).

-After making incisions on the horses chest and abdomen-

Dr. ████ : What? Are these crystals?

-After extracting and studying the crystals-

Dr. ████ : It appears that the crystal in the body is blood. Crystallized blood. I believe that when the venom is introduced, it instantaneously reacts with ███████ to form a crystalline structure to protect itself from the antibodies.


Dr. ████ : I have also detected [DATA EXPUNGED] in the crystallized blood. If I have been properly briefed, the [DATA EXPUNGED] was ███ [DATA EXPUNGED]. The [DATA EXPUNGED] appears to be █████ of [DATA EXPUNGED].


Addendum xxx-2 (Journal Entries)

Journal Entry 1 Extract (Doctor █████ on the Venom of SCP-xxx specimens)

16 February 2010

My team and I were able to extract a small amount of venom from the specimens. We discovered that the venom was not any ordinary organic compound. In the presence of [DATA EXPUNGED], it underwent Multiple Fission and reacts with ███████ to form a crystalline structure just as Dr. ████ hypothesized. We observed that the venom "created" multiple copies of itself, [DATA EXPUNGED] being introduced. The venom was a living organism, it adapts to kill.

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