Hyena - The Deliverer
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SCP-1106 photographed as found in [DATA EXPUNGED]

Item #: SCP-1106

Object Class: Euclid ('Safe' classification pending full evaluation of subject's memetic effects)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unknown extent of SCP-1106-01's memetic effects, it is to be guarded by two (2) Level-2 security personnel at all times; personnel are to check in with a supervising Level-3 operative every hour to confirm stable frame of mind. SCP-1106 is to be contained within a 3x1x1 5-inch plain steel container.

Description: SCP-1106-01 is a 1.5x0.5x0.5 marble-carved statue of an angel, of similar appearance to typical graveyard angels as seen adorning graves/headstones. Subject's arms are extended in front of its person with cupped hands, as if waiting for an offering. Subject stands on a rectangular base, with the words 'A BETTER PLACE' engraved into the front.

SCP-1106-01's presence was reported by undercover SCP operatives in [DATA EXPUNGED] after several disappearances around the town. After investigation, SCP-1106-01's memetic effects were discovered and SCP units removed subject and placed it into containment. Residents of [DATA EXPUNGED] were given Class-B amnesiacs. Residents directly affectd by SCP-1106-01's effects were given Class-A amnesiacs.

When SCP-1106-01 is in the vicinity, the nearby person(s) gains a mild desire to place a drop of their most loved one's blood in the subject's cupped hands. The range/penetrative extent of the subject's memetic effects is unknown and pending research.

If a drop of blood is placed in the hands of subject, the hands will close, and the statue will disappear within ten (10) minutes. The person the blood was harvested from is referred to as SCP-1106-02 from hereafter.

In the next 24 hours, SCP-1106-02 will disappear, leaving no trace of where, when or how, along with any biological matter owned by SCP-1106-02 outside of the main body. After 24 hours has elapsed from the time of dropping the blood into SCP-1106-01's hands, subject will reappear in its last position since disappearance, with hands open again, holding SCP-1106-02's most prized material possession. Possession will then dissolve into dust over the next 24-hour period.

Should another drop of blood be placed in the subject's hands within this 48hour period since the first drop, blood will dissolve with the possession without the disappearance of either SCP-1106 or another SCP-1106-02 event occurring. After the 48hour period of dis/reappearance and the destruction of the possession, SCP-1106-01 becomes active again, and another drop of blood placed into the subject's hands will initiate another SCP-1106-02 event.

It is unknown where either SCP-1106-01 or SCP-1106-02 disappear to. Tracking equipment applied to either subject have, either at time of or after periods of disappearance, fed back only static (in case of audio surveillance) or no (in case of video/GPS surveillance) data. Equipment is not destroyed upon dis/reappearance, instead dis/reappearing with the subject.

It has been found that the SCP-1106-02 event occurs regardless of the owner of the drop of blood, even extending to persons initating SCP-1106-02 events upon themselves. It is unknown why the subject appears to 'prefer' the blood of the recipient's most-loved.

Addendum-01:: SCP-1106-01's containment is not to be opened, or to be given any openings such as windows, etc.; so far, the steel seems sufficient for blocking the memetic effects exhibited by the subject.

Addendum-02:: Presently there have been no reported/recorded instances of SCP-1106-02's reappearing. It is currently assumed by the Foundation that any such victims taken by SCP-1106-01 never reappear.

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