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View from inside the barrier looking towards SCP-1162

Item #: SCP-1162
Object class: Euclid Keter
Special Containment Procedures: A zone of exclusion with a radius of 4km should be set up around the center of SCP-1162. The area should be surrounded with a barrier fence and monitored to stop civilians and animal life (where possible) from crossing into the zone of exclusion. SCP-1162 should also have a no-fly zone with a radius of 10km. All civilians and animal life (where possible) spotted in the zone of exclusion and within 100 meters of the barrier zone should be apprehended and taken into custody. Lethal force is authorized and recommended if apprehension is impossible or unfeasible. Any unrecognizable entities spotted in the exclusion zone should be reported immediately to Dr. ████████. Foundation agents entering more than 100 meters into the zone of exclusion for any reason require a permission from O5-█.

SCP-1162-1 through 16 should be contained in a standard Level-V1 Visitor Holding Cell and monitored for suspicious or harmful activities. Recreational privileges, interview sessions, and security concers should be determined on a case-to-case basis. Any reference to "Xahabj"1 by the subject during interview or other communication should be followed by immediate transfer to a Level-K4 Humanoid Object Research Unit for containment and analysis.

Description: SCP-1162 is an anomaly of undeterminate size possessing memory-altering qualities in the northern wilderness of █████████████████, at ██°██′N ██°██′E, or about 400 kilometers from ████████. The anomaly was discovered after multiple reports of strange occurances surrounding recreational hikers who had all visited the same approximate one square kilometer area2.

Four reconnaissance drones were sent to study the anomaly between ██-██-2010 and ██-██-2010. Three of them sent back data with no sightings of humans or anything out of the ordinary. The last drone suddenly lost contact to the control station 40 minutes into the mission and is presumed lost3.

On ██-██-2010, a team of six agents was sent to investigate the anomaly and, if possible, recover the lost reconnaissance drone. The expedition photographed and investigated the area designated SCP-1162 successfully, but was unable to locate the lost drone. All expedition members were connected to mission control via video and audio feed, but the connection was lost for 15 minutes, presumably due to the elevation in the area. Recordings of the time without connection showed no anomalies or unexpected entities, and during interviews no memory abnormalities were found.

Incident ██-██-2011-18006:
Early morning of ██-██-2010, part of the barrier was destroyed by a large unidentified animal from inside the zone4. The animal was not captured in time and escaped to the wilderness surrounding SCP-1162.

Incident ██-██-2011-18401:
On ██-██-2011 one of the expedition members was casually questioned by a co-worker about the expedition. The agent mentioned a "man in black clothing" following them for 10 minutes, staying behind the cover of trees or hills. The agent then denied the presence when questioned directly. Agent has now been designated SCP-1162-16. The five other expedition members are detained and pending review for SCP status, but do not admit the presence of any foreign entity even when questioned indirectly.

Incident ██-██-2011-18867:
SCP-1162-13 was a 38 year old caucasian male discovered to have been affected by SCP-1162for the first time five weeks before any other SCP-1162designate. Subject had since then visited the anomaly an unknown number of times, and was finally discovered by Foundation on ██-██-2010 returning from the anomaly. After six months of observation and interviews at Site 19, subject was released from Site 19 into normal life5 with periodic interviews and a moderate amount of surveillance.

On ██-██-2011 subject was interviewed at Site 19 for the first time post-rehabilitation and demonstrated no deviations from normal personality or new memory abnormalities.

On ██-██-2011 subject was interviewed at Site 19 for the second time post-rehabilitation and demonstrated no deviations from normal personality or new memory abnormalities, but reported anxiety and insomnia.

On ██-██-2011 subject was interviewed at Site 19 for the third time post-rehabilitation and demonstrated no deviations from normal personality. Subject had a large bruise on his left arm and reported anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, and stomach pains. No new memory abnormalities were discovered during interview, but post-incident analysis of surveillance material suggests that subject had taken long walks at night. Most likely subject was not consciously aware of these walks.

On ██-██-2011 subject was brought in to Site 26 for the fourth periodic interview session. At 14:52 subject detonated a hidden explosive device inside his body, killing 56 Site personnel, 4 civilians, and causing the containment breach of [REDACTED]. Subject demonstrated no deviations from normal personality before the detonation, and reported no anxiety, insomnia, or other symptoms. Subject had however murdered his wife and 6 year old son shortly before leaving for the fourth interview session.

After Incident ██-██-2011-18867, SCP-1162 was classified as Keter because of the unpredictable and hostile acts taken by SCP-1162-13.

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